Except those that support the infidels

The Pakistani Taliban hasn’t fallen asleep on the job. It wants everyone to know it still plans to murder Malala Yousafzai.

Islamabad: The Pakistani Taliban on Monday said it would target 16-year-old rights activist Malala Yousafzai again…

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said Malala was targeted because she was used in propaganda against the militants.

There is no “because” for murder.

The Taliban would target her again if given the chance, just as it would target anyone who opposes the group, Shahid told a news channel.

“She accepted that she attacked Islam so we tried to kill her, and if we get another chance we will definitely kill her and that will make us feel proud,” he was quoted as saying by a news channel.

“Islam prohibits killing women…except those that support the infidels in their war against our religion.”




  1. Claire Ramsey says

    What kind of man says that it will make him proud to kill a teen age girl? What century is this anyway?

  2. Wowbagger, Designated Snarker says

    It’s always been baffling to me how most religions have very strict rules for behaviour, which they insist are indicative of how they are people with superior morals – and then throw in an ‘except’ for people who do things they don’t like.

  3. cubist says

    I don’t find it baffling at all, Wowbagger; religion has always been an Us-versus-Them deal. The ‘superior morals’ bit applies to Us, but most emphatically not to Them. Any time a religion makes noise about how its ‘superior morals’ apply to everybody, what they really mean is we’re going to completely eliminate Them from the face of the Earth. The ‘completely eliminate Them’ thing may occur as a result of all Them being ‘voluntarily’ converted to the religion of Us; it may occur as a result of all Them being actively killed off by Us; but until the happy day when there are no more Them polluting this planet, it will be okay to screw over Them in ways which would never be acceptable treatment for Us.

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