The hope of Egypt

Via Maryam – an Egyptian boy age 12 talks more political sense in two minutes than most people manage in a lifetime.

How come there are only seven women in the constituent assembly, and six of them are Islamists?

For example, they say that women are equal to men in all matters, except in matters that contradict sharia. But then, sharia allows men to “discipline” their wives. This can’t work in society.

[Reporter] Why not, what’s the problem?

The problem is it’s outrageous.


  1. says

    Please tell me they are protecting that kid! He is what Egypt needs to move forward and the extremists want to move backward, they will come after him!

  2. miraxpath says

    He’s a fantastic kid – reading and thinking for himself and so passionate and articulate. No wonder the ikhwan are having trouble imposing their theocratic dictat on Egypt – even the kids know how much of their future is at stake!

  3. says

    I was bowled over with not only the vocabulary of this young lad, but with the maturity with which he displayed when answering the questions put to him by the reporter. He sure has a handle on the politics of his country for one so very young. He is just what the country needs. He knows what women have to suffer at the hands of the patriarchy.

  4. Blondin says

    I was so impressed that I’m slightly suspicious that the translation may be ’embellished’. I’d like to think not.

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