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You know what’s funny? When people rage about “keyboard warriors” and “slacktivists” who don’t do things that matter and don’t make things happen, but just hide behind their keyboards and rage emptily online…

…and they do this raging…

(can you guess?)

…on Facebook and Twitter!

It’s like calling someone on the phone to complain about phones.

It’s like driving to the supermarket and on the way raging about all the god damn people out here in their cars cluttering up the place.

It’s like taking a trip to Florence and raging about all the tourists in Florence.


  1. says

    I vaguely remember my friends playing one of the Grand Theft Auto games, where, if you listen to one of the radio channels in a car, they have a call-in show with a representative of ‘Citizens Raging Against Phones’ who has to admit to having called in using a phone…

  2. ajb47 says

    It’s like driving to the supermarket and on the way raging about all the god damn people out here in their cars cluttering up the place.

    No, it’s nothing like that. Nothing at all. It couldn’t be farther from that. It’s actually on the other side of the universe from that. Completely different. I’m telling you, it’s not the same. The people who rage at other drivers while driving have completely valid points.

    I’m right there with you on the other ones, though. Those people are way out of line.

  3. throwaway, feels safe and welcome at FTBConscience! says

    I view those complaining about slacktivism as if they were telling me how good we young’uns have it since we don’t have to march up 3 miles of hills to and from protests and oh by the way I’ve made more sacrifices and do more valuable things than you…

    Sorry, but due to a) my remoteness to actual civilization b) my funds c) my PTSD, anxiety and depression and all that goes along with that, d) my capability to and desire to engage arguments directly utilizing resources readily at my disposal, e) ability to reach more people on an interpersonal level which is comfortable for those involved…. All that makes meatspace appearances, financial contributions, simply unfathomably impossible and useless for me. I’m glad to be a slacktivist, because I am doing such within my capacity and capabilities, still making my voice heard, still being a part of things.

    I’m glad most activists don’t have a problem with slacktivism – they see the utility in it and they see that those who are part of it really do care. And if people want to hold their sacrifices up in order to leverage themselves above a crowd then I think they need to rethink just what the fuck they’re doing as an activist if it’s for their glory rather than being a part of something that matters.

  4. says

    You know what’s funny? About 98% of the people you meet at meatspace protests, or at meatspace meetings to organize said protests, spend a LOT of time at their keyboards. Talking to each other, using social media to get the word out, emailing local media contacts, etc.

    How do I know this? Because I organize and go to fucking protests. And you know what? People who don’t go to them but only post things on their facebook page are awesome. People who don’t go to protests but only donate, or write letters to the editor, or to their elected officials, are awesome. We need ALL if it. Protests are just one tool in the activist’s toolbox.

    And obviously, griping about “slacktivism” is just one more obvious fucking tool in the anti-activist’s, pro-oppression asshole’s toolbox for supporting and maintaining the status quo. They’re so goddamn cliched, it hurts my head sometimes.

  5. Donnie says

    “Slacktivism” would be an issue if “Slacktivism” was the only form of protest. However, reiterating SallyStrange’s point, “slactivism” adds to the cacophony of noise and amplifying the protest point(s) in order to reach wider audiences. for me, “slactivism” helps educate and articulate points and serves as the focus for debate. Again, as SallyStrange said, paraphrased, “it’s a tool in the toolbox”.

    For me, those who argue against “slactivism” are engaging in a form of ‘tone trolling’….the proverbial, “that is not how I would do it.”

  6. says

    …and don’t get me started on how crowded my favorite bar is!

    That being said, I’m all for links, pictures and news clips. I just wonder how effective changing your user pic is for raising awareness.

  7. brucecoppola says

    It’s nothing new. How about those lame ass 18th century pamphleteers hiding behind their quill pens and printing presses? Like that fucking slacktivist Thomas Paine. Asshole

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