Bishops versus life

Here’s my talk at the Atheist Ireland conference on Saturday. That was before I developed a cold and started coughing every 3 seconds!


  1. Charles Sullivan says

    Very nice. Excellent job of showing that common problem with Catholic hospitals in both countries.

  2. says

    I was surprised to find the nun approve the abortion but nothing else
    Someone could remind Bishop of the Fifth Commandment since he
    appears to have temporarily forgotten it = Also the Hippocratic Oath

  3. says

    This excellent video is very timely indeed. Dáil Éireann has just this day voted on the abortion bill. It was carried by 138 to 24.áil-vote-on-abortion-bill-carried-by-138-to-24-1.1450291

    No female members of the Dáil opposed the abortion bill in this evening’s vote. #abortion

    OB: Thank you for sharing with the Irish people the American perspective on the abortion situation. It needs to be dreadfully known about the hold the Roman Catholic church has on hospitals in the USA.

  4. Omar Puhleez says

    It is 10 days now since I picked up that same (?) damned virus, and I am still not over it.
    Hope others do better, especially OB.

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