Good neighbors

Update I had about two minutes before I had to dash off and I wanted to flag up these two posts but I didn’t have time to say anything.

I meant to say how proud I am to have Nirmukta among us.

Because of Anita’s wonderful post Why Your Daughter’s Marriage Shouldn’t Be Your Biggest Dream For Her for instance,

Placing emphasis on marriage means raising girls in a manner primarily aimed at moulding them into a societal expectation of what an ideal bride or wife should be like, instead of fostering and encouraging individual characteristics. And in a patriarchal society, these demands are never free of misogyny. The perfect wife looks like Aishwarya Rai, talks like Mother Teresa and is willing to be submissive like Sita. She is unambitious, unassertive, unaware or not demanding of her rights, and has been blessed with extra invisible hands to successfully manage all household work and (increasingly) also a job without the slightest complaints. Girls then are taught from a young age to value their looks more than their talents and skills, to place their career aspirations or financial independence secondary to the need for being married at the ‘right’ time and having kids, and to perpetuate this vicious cycle through their own daughters, all the while carrying a burden of living up to the good girl myth so as to not ‘invite’ rape, lest they become used goods. Because rape is something that is given to us when we “ask for it”, and the unit of measurement of a woman’s worth is virginity. Right?

And because of Sunil on “Brahmins Only” Housing.

A visit to their website confirms that their objective is the preservation and perpetuation of Brahmanism:

To preserve, protect, propagate and strengthen intellectual identity, integrity and self- esteem of the noble culture of Sanathana Dharma, spanning its various sampradayas and traditions represented by Acharyas and Gurus.

When we posted the image on the Indian Atheists page it got the expected amount of anger, but there were also a handful of commenters who thought this ought to be allowed. This post attempts to tease out the moral arguments for and against. (I’m not neutral on the matter and will make my position clear too.)

He goes on to do that.

Nirmukta is great. I’m so pleased to have them as colleagues.


  1. ApostateltsopA says

    I liked both of those articles and was refreshed to have a non-western view. Which is why I’m hoping I’ve misread you and this entry isn’t snark. Please tell me you are praising genuinely and not being snarky. Alternately if you are snarking, what do you see that I missed on my read?

  2. says

    Good god, no, I’m not snarking – I’m rejoicing. I love Nirmukta.

    My fault. I had to rush off to take someone to the airport, but I wanted to point out those two posts. I didn’t have time to say anything of substance.

  3. F [is for fluvial] says

    My snark detector completely failed to register anything.

    And yes, it is way cool to have Nirmukta at FTB. (Don’t forget the other Nirmukta sites, either.)

  4. CaitieCat says

    They’re writing some really good posts, it’s truly excellent to have their perspective – I hope more international atheist groups join in over time.

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