Anti-abortion-rights people are calling the Taoiseach a murderer

Fighting dirty, in other words.

“I am now being branded by personnel around the country as being a murderer – that I am going to have on my soul the death of 20 million babies,” he told the Dáil.

“I am getting medals, scapulars, plastic foetuses, letters written in blood, telephone calls all over the systems and it’s not confined to me.”

What about the dead women? Don’t they count?


  1. says

    Cardinal Seán Brady said at a vigil in Knock that church law was clear on the issue, stating: “We know what the law is about excommunication, about abortion, that’s a fact.” A bishop too has asked the people to pray for the TD’s. Pathetic, when one thinks about how real live human children in their care in the past were so diabolically treated. What moral authority has the church got left indeed to dictate to the government.

  2. Claire Ramsey says

    Well, see the dead women are “missed” when they count up the deceased, apparently. So they don’t count. Nothing to count here.

  3. latsot says

    People send letters written in blood? Really? What an astonishing and creepy commitment to something that’s ultimately highly unlikely to work anyway.

    Even if it isn’t their own blood, the practicalities aren’t that straightforward. Do they use a quill? Or a fountain pen? It would have to be one of those pens that have a pump to suck up ink. Do they have an inkwell full of blood? Presumably you’d have to write quite quickly to avoid clotting. And then you’d have to wash the pen and the inkwell afterwards. You’d probably need quite a lot of blood, too, because you’re bound to make a few mistakes. Just scribbling out errors in blood is going to lessen the impact, isn’t it? Even if you’re not using your own blood, there’s a certain commitment involved in going out and buying some.

    All for something that is unlikely to have the desired effect.

    Some people are very strange.

  4. kevinalexander says

    Do they use a quill? Or a fountain pen?

    They use their over length canines.

  5. CaitieCat says

    It would have to be one of those pens that have a pump to suck up ink

    Speaking as an amateur calligraphist, no. An ordinary split nib will pick up ink; that’s why they used to have ink bottles, so the capillary action on the pen could draw ink before depositing it back on the page

    Blood, now, that’s a good bit thicker than ink. I’d think you’d want to cut it some, maybe use a little baby bile or baby stomach juices (cause fetuses are babies, amirite?) to thin it out so you’d get good capillary uptake. I wouldn’t use baby saliva, because there are clotting agents we find in saliva that would work badly with the bloodink.

    It’d be an interesting experiment to find out how much blood it takes to write a letter. And the blood of what?

    In other news, these people are disgusting.

  6. CaitieCat says

    Wait wait – these people are Catholics, right?

    They’re probably using JESUS’ blood, of course. A little whiff o’ the grape, as it were. Wine from “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Christ” vineyards.

    Glad I cleared that up.

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