The cleric raised a clamour

I hate it when some one person thinks of something cool to do and then suddenly everybody starts doing it, and it’s not as cool any more. Like torching neighborhoods because “blasphemy.” It was awesome at first and now it’s just boring because all the bores are doing it.

In a renewed attack on minorities, a violent Muslim mob attacked a Christian locality in Gujranwala on Wednesday, damaging shops, houses and vehicles belonging to the local Christians following a clash between the youths of the two communities last night, Pakistan Today has learnt.

According to initial information, a group of Christian boys was snubbed by a local cleric for playing music on their cell phones while passing by a mosque on Tuesday evening.

“Our boys were passing the mosque when the prayer leader objected to their playing music on cell phones. The boys turned off the music at that moment but switched it on again after covering some distance. The cleric raised a clamour and accused the boys of showing disrespect to Islam…”

That’s not a bad new angle though, I have to admit. Playing music on cell phones near a mosque. Yes that’s quite decently petty and obsessive-compulsive and ludicrous as a pretext for trashing a neighborhood that people live in and stuff.

He said that around 2pm, a Muslim mob from the nearby Naroki village attacked the neighbourhood, ransacking shops, houses and around 5-7 vehicles parked on the road. “We saw a police mobile of the area’s checkpost parked in the vicinity but they did not intervene and let the mob damage our property,” he said, adding that the mob dispersed after local Christians took out their weapons and started firing in the air to deter them.

Ok ok ok but next time make up your own game. What about setting fire to everyone’s cats for example?


  1. NitricAcid says

    Now how long will it be before enraged Christians burn the mosque to avenge the damaging of their property?

  2. Robert B. says

    In Pakistan? Probably quite a while. But I’m sure some US Christians would be happy to torch one of our local mosques for you.

    (It’s not really religious if you punish the people who are actually at fault, anyway. Not in the godly spirit of things.)

  3. bad Jim says

    Ophelia, a typical liberal, misses the obvious point that Christians need guns.

    (I’m not entirely kidding. If you’re likely to be attacked by a neighboring village, an assault weapon might be a reasonable thing to keep around, at least so long as you don’t shoot anybody. As some guy said, desperate times require desperate measures.)

  4. zibble says


    Bro. Do you think all it would have taken to end slavery in America is a black dude with a gun?

    When you are a member of a despised, oppressed minority, simply having a powerful weapon does not fix the problem of systemic prejudice. Having a gun means you attract some much bigger fish, like the police or the military or armed Islamist groups, and then you got shot in the head by someone with a bigger gun and the training to use it properly.

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