1. Funny Diva says

    I’m so glad no one was around when I checked Jesus and Mo this morning. I didn’t LOL, I frikkin’ cackled!

    Knew you’d be on it. Perfect headline on this post!

  2. emily isalwaysright says

    Thanks – this cartoon articulated for me why I have always felt uncomfortable with the claim that “women are the diamonds of Islam”.

  3. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    @2. emily isalwaysright :

    Diamonds are carbon crushed intensely and burnt and buried under tonnes of dirt and rocks. That could be almost be an apt metaphor for how Islam treats women.

    Never forget that Muslims are religious people who above all idolise as a “holy prophet”, a dark age warlord who not only married thirteen wives (many of them literally taken as trophies from defeated tribes as “spoils of war”) but married the last of them, Aisha, when she was a six or seven year old girl and Mohammad consumated the marriage raped this child when she was nine and he was in his 50’s. (Or maybe according to one dissenting source she was older and Mohammad raped Aisha when she was all of ten years old not just nine. Yay?)

    See :

    That’s one good reason why I view Mohammad with horror and disgust and think everybody else who considers themselves a decent person should likewise view him.

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