Be afraid

Crommunist has a hilarious terrifying fantasy warning about what’s really been going on all this time

One particularly funny tragic and blind passage at the beginning:

Up until now, my position on this kind of over-wrought conspiracy mongering has been fairly consistent: FTB is not the boogey-man; it’s a network of blogs that (mostly) existed before there was a network to begin with. Atheism+ isn’t ruining atheism; it’s a reaction to the fact that it was already ruined for a lot of people. Skepchick is not rounding up all male atheists to throw them into a witch’s cauldron of menses and liquid misandry.

At least so he thought. Read on.



  1. Brian E says

    It appears to have be put behind a paywall now. It wasn’t when I posted it. Apologies.

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