Seeing Jesus everywhere

More Jesus.

In a twirly roll.

Flower roll with peanut butter.jpg

It’s the one at ten o’clock, so it’s hard to make out.

Bird shit. You didn’t think the Ohio one was the first, did you?

A Colomba Pasquale. How appropriate!

Raisin bread.

The one on the left. Jesus of the sad face.


  1. shouldbeworking says

    Of course jeebus is sad. He knows he’s only has 1 week left. Plus, the day after is when the new Dr Who series starts.

  2. teawithbertrand says

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    I doubt I’d see J.C. even if the links were working for me, so no worries.

  3. Lofty says

    Don’t worry, I saw Jesus this morning riding a donkey in a Palm Sunday procession, and he doesn’t look the least like any of those things. When quizzed, Jesus said he’d been Pontius Pilate earlier this morning. Good thing the white dood with the long hair was honest about these things, one wouldn’t like to be mistaken.
    BTW my wife scored a hundred bucks for supplying the rental donkey, superstitions gotta be good for something.

  4. bad Jim says

    I don’t get the hunger for apparitions of the savior. Can’t you get Christ in a cracker at church every Sunday?

  5. catwhisperer says

    Are these like those “magic eye” pictures where it’s just colours and if you stare at it long enough, it turns into dolphins or something? Because I couldn’t ever make those work either!

  6. Claire Ramsey says

    As I understand it, Christ IS the cracker at church. It’s not a nutritious spread, it’s his actual body. Sheesh. That is one weird belief.

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