No seriously. I’m in Texas. It feels like being in a foreign country. The trees are different. The birds are different – very different.

I got here in time for the auction dinner. I sat between Richard, from San Francisco, and Glen, from Philadelphia, who had donated one of the items to be auctioned – and what an item it was: a week at a retreat he designed and built in Costa Rica. Whooo…It was a fund raiser for American Atheists. Funding buys their work, Dave told us, like that case they won at the Supreme Court this year.

And Anthony Grayling was there! It’s lovely to see him again.

Now I have to go out and see a little of Austin. I didn’t get much sleep but that’s good because it gives me time to see a little of Austin.


  1. carlie says

    If you can, you must see the bats fly out at dusk from the Congress st. bridge before you leave. It’s spectacular.

  2. carlie says

    Did I scroll down yesterday and see that you had already mentioned the bats?

    No. No, I did not.

  3. thesandiseattle says

    well it was another country at one time. I often wonder if a good argument could be made for spliting up the “United” States into several little countries. CA could probably do okay on its own. Texas maybe. Don’t know about the rest indiviually but maybe in some combinations. Just a thought.

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