Wait there’s more. Abishek Phadnis found a conference a year ago called The Seeds of Change.


Lauren Booth – sister of Cherie Booth.

Then there’s the Deen Institute, with its “who we are” page.


 You’ll have to click the link to get the full effect. I’ll just say it’s not an accident that you see men first and then women. Last of all is the brazen slut with no hijab.


  1. Scr... Archivist says

    Interesting topic for the first image. So that’s what it means to “Be the Best of Womankind”?


  2. sc_770d159609e0f8deaa72849e3731a29d says

    Lauren Booth was briefly famous(ish) for announcing that she’d got to page 60 in the koran (edition and translation unspecified) and found it so persuasive that she had become a muslim.The fact that she’d just gome bankrupt, owing her sister a lot of money and signed a lucrative contract with Press TV- an Iranian government-owned company- was pure coincidence.
    We have yet to hear what she thinks of page 61.

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