Maryam and Nahla and Gita and Leo

That has to have been a pretty amazing event in London yesterday evening – the one at which Maryam Namazie, Nahla Mamoud, Gita Sahgal, and Leo Igwe were all present!


Damn I would have liked to be there.

Were any of you there?


  1. YesIWas says

    Yes I was there and it was good to have this less formal meeting from the stable of Namazie/CEMB/OneLawForAll. Nahla spoke with great passion and everyone I talked to there came across as friendly and welcoming.
    Also, keep an eye out for the London Black Atheists (whose tweet you pictured). I have high hopes for this relatively new group which, in their own words, “is a group that welcomes all atheists”.

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