1. debbaasseerr says

    Ahh yes, I was never really a believer when I thought I was, and I’m not really an unbeliever now that I am. Its one of those things I can’t rely on myself to know, but thankfully believers are experts at knowing themselves.

  2. rnilsson says

    But to be honest, at least two words here were not ostentatiously quoted, so certainly a little bit better than 0%. And, in toto, better than Hitler too. On other grounds.

  3. sawells says

    Just left this on J&M, but I like to spread it around:

    Remember the counterargument from tinnitus. Atheists have a perfectly functional sensus divinitatis which accurately tells us that there are no gods. Theists have theological tinnitus; they keep hearing a god which isn’t really there.

    I think the character of the counter – which is admittedly transparently self-serving bullshit – serves to highlight the character of the original argument, which is transparently self-serving bullshit on stilts.

  4. eric says

    Very witty. Another amusing problem with the ‘like talking to a blind person about green’ analogy is it makes that religion gnostic. You can’t claim that and claim everyone has equal access to God, or claim God’s message is clear to everyone, etc.

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