A large crowd from a nearby mosque

What’s new in Pakistan? Oh, the usual – a mob enraged over some alleged “blasphemy” torches dozens of houses in a neighborhood of Lahore. Rageboys just wanna have fun.

The mob attacked the houses in Joseph Colony in Badami Bagh police precincts in the provincial capital following allegations of blasphemy against a Christian man. The man was booked under Section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

It appeared that the man had been falsely accused of blasphemy but the police was forced to register a case to placate the mob, a local police official said.

Allah is wise, merciful.

Police officer Multan Khan said the incident started Friday when a young Muslim man accused the Christian man of committing blasphemy.

A large crowd from a nearby mosque went to the Christian man’s home on Friday night and Khan said police took the man into custody to try to pacify the crowd.

Fearing for their safety, hundreds of Christian families fled the area overnight.

Khan said the mob returned on Saturday and began ransacking Christian homes and setting them on fire.

Fridays are a scary time in Islamist countries. It doesn’t even do any good to stay home, because the ragemob will just torch it with you in it.



  1. Ulysses says

    The police took the man into custody for his safety. That’s a reasonable thing for the police to do. But charging him with a crime he didn’t commit to “placate” the mob seems a bit much. Why didn’t the police charge members of the mob with arson and burglary?

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