At the Fountainhead Gallery

There’s a gallery in a little neighborhood shopping area about half a mile from where I live, not the main top of the hill shopping area, but a smaller one, with a miniature grocery store, and the dentist I go to, and a great bakery-coffee shop called Macrina, and a taco place, and an orthodontist with witty signs (“if you have more tattoos than teeth, come see us”), among other things – quite a humming little spot really.

The gallery is the Fountainhead Gallery. I went past it yesterday and looked in the windows as I always do, and then looked some more and then went inside. They’re having an exhibit called Frontline Heroines, by Judith Larsen. The heroines are journalists killed on the job.

For instance –

NEDA Neda Agha Soltar was an Iranian student demonstrator who was gunned down during the 2009 student protest. She has since become an icon and martyr for democracy in Iran.

ANNA Anna Politkovskaya, born in the USA, was a Russian newspaper editor, journalist, human rights activist and an award-winning author who was shot to death near her Moscow apartment, allegedly for her coverage of the Chechen conflict and her investigative articles.

MARGARET Margaret Moth, CNN photo journalist, was shot and critically wounded while covering the Bosnian War. She died later from related health issues.

SHAIME Shaime Rezayee, host of an Afghan MTV show, was executed for her role in that program.

An important subject.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    At first, I was afraid that you’d found a place specializing in Ayn Rand portraits.

  2. Ulysses says

    I had the same thought as Pierce R. Butler. Imagine my relief on finding my fears unfounded.

    It sounds like an interesting exhibition. If I lived anywhere near Seattle I’d visit it.

  3. johnthedrunkard says

    Another thing:

    Anyone notice that when Islamists commit murder, the Euphemism Fairy descends from heaven and turns it into ‘execution.’

    Remember the same language being used about Rushdie? Solicitation for Murder? Naw. Assassination? Naw. A ‘Fatwa calling for the execution?’ Just fine.

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