1. Ulysses says

    50 years of American Atheists is not the same as 50 years of American atheism. Robert Ingersoll died over 100 years ago.

  2. says

    @Ophelia #5 – After seeing you in Ottawa, and realizing that you lived in Seattle, I was going to invite you to be a panelist at Norwescon to speak on any of our many, many panels that you were interested in. Unfortunately, you had already accepted an invitation to speak at the American Atheist conference. I hope we can coax you into coming in 2014.

    @great1american1satan #6 – We got PZ, though, and one or two other FtB writers (not sure if they want to be promoted, but if you can come to our convention, you’ll find out!) He’s also doing a talk the Wednesday before, March 27, at the University of Washington. I don’t have the details, though; perhaps PZ could provide the info. I’m annoyed I won’t be able to make that, as I’ll be in SeaTac helping to set up the convention.

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