The X case itself has crossed that line

Here are Michael Nugent and Ivana Bacik responding to abortion law questions at an Irish parliamentary hearing.


  1. jose says

    We are at risk to become Ireland in this respect thanks to our ultraconservative, cultist (Opus Dei) government. This video hits home.

    What do you think about the post everybody linked a while ago about reframing abortion as a truly good thing rather than the common “sad but necessary” narrative?

  2. F [nucular nyandrothol] says

    jose, may I ask you who “we” are? Which society is it with the Opus Dei government?

  3. jose says

    F [nucular: Spain. Half our cabinet are freakin cultists including the health secretary which is relevant for the abortion issue. Here’s hope our current corruption scandal dismantles the government altogether before they can move on to this issue. Why is it that economic hardships so often result in unrelated regressive policies?

    ttch: Thanks.

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