Update February 13 – Well that last update turned out to be a mistake. Anton Hill asked me to update to say there was a truce, so I obliged, but he was bullshitting me. There’s no truce. He’s still talking shit about me on Twitter (compared to my saying nothing about him at all) and he’s still blogging about me, and tagging me in the hopes that his blog posts will infect internet searches about me.

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February 8. Three days after he asked me to update saying there was a truce, and I complied.

Lee Moore is still trying to con people into having a “discussion” with people like this. Yeah right, that’s a good plan.

Update February 5 – We have managed to arrive at a truce behind the scenes, and Anton took the picture down, so that’s progress. He points out that I can’t know he was “pretending,” and he’s right.

Anton Hill hadn’t talked about me enough yet, so he did another post about me today…pretending he’s now in full truce mode.

But he helped himself to a picture of mine to publish (for no apparent reason, unless it’s in hope of inspiring new photoshops) on his post. That’s a peculiar thing to do. I don’t post pictures of people I blog about, except truly public (and powerful) people like the pope. It’s kind of…off, posting a picture of someone for no apparent reason. In the context of all the threats and jeers and photoshops and mutterings about acid, it has a bullying note. It’s not clear exactly which kind of bullying note – whether “look at this ugly bitch” or “here she is, this woman who has ‘chosen to be a public figure on multiple public forums’ but doesn’t want me hassling her on Twitter” or “got a funny caption?” or “hahahaha prune hahahahahahaha” or “photoshop please!” or “I bet you could take her down with one punch” – but it has the note.

I doubt that he has permission to post it. I asked for permission to post it, myself. I asked him on the post if he has permission. The comment got held for moderation, but now it’s posted, so he’s seen it – but he hasn’t bothered to reply.

That’s a “truce”? No, that is not a truce.


  1. athyco says

    In the video, he showed your tweets in order to build his “case,” but every communication since has neglected to give you a voice. Specifically permission on the photo–am I mistaken, or didn’t one of the imposter Twitter accounts start off using it to be more deceptive that the account was yours?

    We “hear” your communication with him through his choice of points and his answers. He unilaterally declares a truce and its scope so that jabs about anything else aren’t breaking it.

    If I had the superpower of demolishing egocentric rationalizations, my strength would be depleted before I got through half of his.

  2. Aratina Cage says

    How many times do you have to say “Leave me alone!” before Anton Hill respects your wishes and leaves you alone? Talk about harassment.

  3. says

    athyco, yes, one of the imposter twitter accounters stole that photo. Maybe Anton Hill thinks that magically makes it public domain.

    Paul Fidalgo was having the “leave me alone” “No!” problem on Twitter earlier. Oy.

  4. Emily Isalwaysright says

    I commented this there (it’s in moderation):

    “Why do you use scare quotes for the word “misogyny” Anton? It doesn’t make any sense in this context because you are referring to the semantic content of the word, not its syntactic structure. Unless, of course, you are deliberately implying that you think either a) the debates aren’t really about misogyny, they’re about something else; or b) that there is no such thing as misogyny. If you don’t subscribe to either (a) or (b) you should refine your use of grammar. And if you DO subscribe to either (a) or (b) then you have made the most tendentious notpology I have ever seen!”

  5. Emily Isalwaysright says

    PS. Fwiw, I like that pic of you Ophelia. Not quite a parrot shirt, but purple socks are pretty damn good.

  6. says

    I quite like the picture too, not least because it’s at Eschaton. But Anton Hill’s use of it, I don’t like.

    You should see the socks I have on right now…

  7. hotshoe says

    I knit all my socks, and my purple socks are more purple than yours, nyah, nyah. I also have a couple pair of flaming orange socks … and turquoise w/yellow stripes …

    Seriously, if socks are a thing for you, may I offer to knit you a pair in the color of your choice?

  8. sawells says

    I’ve been trying to work out why I find this photoshop obsession among the Pitters so weird, and I’ve just realised that I don’t actually have any idea what Ophelia looks like. I’m sure I could find out if I needed to, but since I know Ophelia entirely through her writing, it’s never occurred to me to look for a photo because… why would that be relevant?

    It’s like we are having a conversation about ideas, and they are scrawling pictures of their enemies on the wall of their cave and throwing spears and poop. Oog make big magic, make scary woman go away. It’s weird.

  9. says

    Ooog. That’s it entirely.

    Its objectification of the worst sort.

    By photoshopping, they’re trying to steal someone’s identity and make it conform to their wishes.

    It’s not a mature thing to do. Intellectually stunted. Creepy.

  10. ibbica says

    Oh dear, it seems he doesn’t think you should presume to know what he’s “thinking and feeling”! (he replied to your… linkback? Is that what it’s called? moving on…)

    Yeah, ’cause his thoughts and feelings are the problem here. Couldn’t have anything to do with his behaviour, oh no, that doesn’t need addressing or explaining at all *eyeroll*

  11. Wowbagger, Designated Snarker says

    Yet another case of the mildew mob failing to recognise the value of the commonsense maxim, ‘show, don’t tell’. For some very strange reason they seem to think saying they’ll do something counts as actually doing it even when they’re doing the exact opposite of what they’ve said they’ll do.

  12. says

    Huh. It’s not about his bullshit about the “truce” in which he went right on targeting me, no, it’s about my saying “in the hopes that.” Oh really? He just tagged my name, my blog’s name, my blog network’s name, all for the hell of it, or to help readers navigate? Uh huh. I don’t think so.

    Hey Anton Hill? Just leave me alone, as I left you alone. That would be a truce. Continuing to target me is not a truce.

  13. Aratina Cage says

    I was just alerted about this thread being updated. Uh, yeah, he is going on the Twitter bot’s block list right away. The less people have to hear from that man, the better.

  14. athyco says

    Oolon @19:

    @Aratina, I’m amazed you haven’t added Anton to the block bot list –> we have all the best twits from Twitter on there!

    Anton not going on the block bot list immediately made for a squirmy moment for the little lickspittle. The tweets read as though Reap Paden was sniping at him for not knowing the “background” of your appearance on his show and then saying that they were a little harsh with you. His tweet cower was immediate. But he’s being introduced around as having had his run-in with Ophelia, getting his cred. “Atheist Asshole” was an appropriately chosen nym.

    I’ve gotten virtually no reaction to it, but I snapped and reamed him in the comment section of that rocko vid reading of this post (sans updates).

  15. says

    Lee Moore, meanwhile, is still trying to claim the “brokering” of this “truce” as a victory of his “peace talks”.

    When I linked him to this post, with the update, he claimed not to be able to see you mentioned in the new Anton post you linked.

  16. says

    Seriously? Despite the tags? With my name, my blog’s name, the network my blog is on’s name?


    Anton is still just as relentless, by the way. I looked at his latest tweets yesterday and it was just a long string of tweets about me. Meta-tweets – no substance, just all meta – why do I react to harassment; he’s not harassing me; he’s discussing me and mocking me, not harassing me; etc.

  17. athyco says


    Lee Moore, meanwhile, is still trying to claim the “brokering” of this “truce” as a victory of his “peace talks”.

    Are you kidding me? Aside from the tags, did he even follow the link to the video and see Anton continuing his commenting crap after the truce? I wonder if it would make any difference to retweet to him these three Anton tweets:

    My truce was a declaration, not a negotiation; no matter what YH thinks, as evidenced by her comments on my site. 🙂

    FYI all I pledged to do was not attack. But w/ a fundamental disagreement on the definition of “attack,”–> the slippery slope.

    & again, I never agreed to anything. I declared my truce. OB’s truce status, or lack thereof, is of 0 importance to me.

    Ophelia’s first update was to make the change he requested: to drop “pretending to be” from “full truce mode.” Now he’s admitting it was a pretense.

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