1. Bjarte Foshaug says

    Makes sense. For a threat to have teeth, when its credibility approaches zero, its severity must approach infinity.

  2. marshchild says

    Remember, it’s a loving, merciful god who sends people to Hell for eternity.

    No, silly, they send themselves there! God really doesn’t want to “have” to send anyone to hell, really he doesn’t! So don’t make him do it! Don’t make him mad!

  3. says

    Yeah, he’s a loving god, but he also gets really angry if we ignore him and really jealous if we pay attention to someone else.
    He makes us in his image … only we grow up.

  4. Sastra says

    There’s a very good atheological argument against the existence of God called the Argument from Nonbelief (ANB). Philosopher Ted Drange wrote a book on it: Nonbelief & Evil: two arguments for the nonexistence of God.

    Basically, it points out the contradiction between an all-powerful God which wants everybody to know it exists, has the ability to make sure everybody knows it exists, has no desire which overrides its desire to have everyone know it exists — and yet we live in a world where many people don’t know God exists. It’s a pretty powerful case.

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