Next up: a cookie called “the torturer”

Good thinking, Bonobo bar in Bombay: selling a cocktail called “the rapist” is a brilliant idea. It’s so convivial and amusing, so jolly and sociable. Rape is such a funny joke, and it’s so hilarious to encourage people to find rape and rapists a source of humor.

Rape culture? What rape culture? Don’t be silly.



  1. jaytheostrich says

    Do they at least serve it in those glasses that show lines when they’re rufied? (roofied? whatever)

  2. wondeerill says

    Maybe guys would get it if a featured drink was called “The Emasculator”. It’s for women only and has no alcohol.

  3. Happiestsadist, opener of the Crack of Doom says

    There’s a cruel part of me that would hope it’s spiked with an emetic and a laxative.

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