Her mistake

It turns out the gangrape of Jyoti Singh Pandey was as much her fault as it was the rapists’. A self-declared “spiritual guru” called Asaram Bapu says so.

Addressing his followers recently, Asaram said that when the girl encountered six drunk men “she should have taken God’s name and could have held the hand of one of the men and said I consider you as my brother and should have said to the other two ‘Brother I am helpless, you are my brother, my religious brother.’

She should have taken God’s name and held their hands and feet…then the misconduct wouldn’t have happened.”

Because with genuine rape, the body has a mechanism to shut that whole thing down. Because if you call on “God” and call your rapists “brothers” then the rapists will stop. Period. That’s a fact, and there are no exceptions. Also, it’s a fact that all women know, with certainty, so any woman who is raped clearly wanted to be raped (or she would have done the things she knows with certainty will prevent the rape). So there’s no such thing as rape.

Jyoti Singh Pandey’s father made her name public yesterday.

Badri now cherishes the memories of his daughter. He remembers her dream of being a doctor.

He said: “I told her I can’t afford to pay for her to do such subjects but she was determined. She wanted to be a doctor and earn lots of money and go overseas a lot.”

When Badri first moved to Delhi in 1983 he earned just 150 Rupees a month – the equivalent of £1.70 today.

But he sold some land to pay for his daughter’s studies and saved as much as possible from his 5,700 Rupees (£65) a month he now earns.

Badri said: “It’s hard living in Delhi on my wages, very hard. But Jyoti always said she would change all of that. She wanted to change our lives once she got a job.”

Jyoti had only just finished her four-year course in physiotherapy at college outside Delhi. She was doing an internship when she was attacked.

That’s the end of that.





  1. A Hermit says



    He calls that sick, brutal crime “MISCONDUCT!?”

    Fucking evil godbotherer…

  2. says

    Protests held against Asaram Bapu’s comments on Delhi gangrape are being organised everywhere. I hope the Indian people start waking up and see the light of day. Men of his religious ilk have been ruling the roost for aeons in order to control women.

  3. kosk11348 says

    I think Pandey needs to demonstrate the soundness of his recommendation before encouraging women to use it. If he can successfully thwart a forceful rape from 6 men with metal pipes, I’ll help him print the brochures.

  4. Perchloric Acid says

    Well, Marcus, nobody has ever tried to rape him. Surely, that’s proof that he’s protected by godliness!

  5. Rodney Nelson says

    It takes real chutzpah to victim blame a rape and murder victim by claiming if she’d only said The Magic Words then her assailants would have left her alone.

  6. eucliwood says

    :(!! It’s so upsetting that someone would seriously say that she should have called the rapist brother.. and.. what the fuck?! I’m sure she would fucking do anything to get out of their grasp, so it’s not like she decided “oh, I’ll just get raped.” You can’t blame this on her at all…
    Really sad that she wanted to be a doctor and help her family out and everything and now she’s gone :((( Have someone in my family who wants to be. Hope she makes it.

  7. Deepak Shetty says

    Oh theres more. here’s some more advice on whats wrong and how to fix the problem


    #Not for the likes of Kailash Vijayvargiya who displayed appalling misogyny and a corresponding lack of knowledge of the epic he was citing when he talked of women having to live within a notional Lakshman Rekha.

    #Or an Abhijit Mukherjee who seems to have a thing for ‘dented and painted’ — and beautiful — women.

    #Or a Raj Thackeray who believes that if a fence could be built around Bihar and that state could be isolated from the rest of the country, rapes wouldn’t happen.

    #Or a Mohan Bhagwat who in the face of all quantified evidence holds that rape is a phenomenon peculiar to the ‘westernized’ cities of ‘India’, and absent from the villages and forests (forests?!) of ‘Bharat’.

    #Or for Chhattisgarh minister Nanki Ram Kanwar who suggested that the fault lay with the alignment of the stars and the planets.

    #Or for the countless others of both sexes and all party affiliations who, over the past few days, have vitiated the atmosphere with comments that are risible when they are not downright reprehensible.

    I don’t give a damn for the Jamaat-i-Islami Hind, which suggests that in order to stop rapes and make women safe, all sex outside the marital bed should be made punishable offenses and co-education should be banned;

    #Nor for Rajasthan MLA Bhanwari Lal Singhal who believes that schoolgirls wearing skirts is the problem;

    #Nor for the Pudhucherry government that wants to put our schoolgirls in overcoats and ferry them around in segregated buses;

    #Nor for ‘spiritual leader’ Asaram Babu who said The Delhi Rape Victim (I capitalized that to distinguish her from the 635 or so other women who were raped in Delhi these last 12 months) could have avoided her fate if only she had called her assailants ‘brothers’;

  8. Deepak Shetty says

    The lawyer for the accused has also joined the gang of assholes.

    “Until today I have not seen a single incident or example of rape with a respected lady,” Sharma said.

    “Even an underworld don would not like to touch a girl with respect.”

    Another politician, Ramesh Bais has this gem
    “The rape of grown-up girls and women might be understandable but if someone does this to an infant, it is a heinous crime and the offenders should be hanged”

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