Why it matters

It ought to be obvious why it matters that an imposter is sending out messages under my name, but the fans of the imposter are pretending it’s just a harmless joke and I’m a whiney idiot for objecting.


That’s just a sample of the pretending it’s just a harmless joke and I’m a whiney idiot for objecting, to give you an idea of it.

So I’ll demonstrate.


That’s why. One of the haters is telling the other haters that I started following him yesterday. I didn’t. That’s why the imposter account matters.


  1. NoxiousNan says

    On the bright side, Fuller has stepped in it. They need a better system of communication for their pranks. I’m guessing they don’t really trust email lists at the moment.

  2. says

    Surely Twitter will do something when the name is identical? Parody accounts are not great, although a sort of compliment that you are obviously saying the right things to annoy them, but at least they are obviously a parody. Strange the pit is so moral and upstanding when “FfTBs” edits comments, bans, blocks or dox’s but anything attacking FtBs bloggers is fine. Wonder where they would draw a line…

  3. Nick Nakorn says

    How can we tell the difference between the real you and the fake you on twitter? Have I been sending the odd message to you or your fake?

  4. says

    NoxiousNan@1: No, email lists = collusion and conspiracy. Theirs is a decentralized harassment campaign made of individuals who come to the conclusion that harassing us is totes cool each in isolation.

  5. brianpansky says

    nvm, I opened them in a second tab. when I tried it before, it was the same small picture, but this time it enlarged…dunno

  6. icsifil says

    I love how they say “I’m not insulting you, you bitch. It’s harmless!”

    They’re douche bags using gendered attacks and attacks derogatory to people with disability. Fuck them.

  7. Dave Ricks says

    I see you’ve discussed this on Twitter already, but for readers here, Twitter’s Terms of Service include the Twitter Rules, and the first rule is

    Impersonation: You may not impersonate others through the Twitter service in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or deceive others

    The screen shot here shows the fake account does deceive others, so the account violates Twitter’s ToS, even if someone claims the intent is parody — and the account violates the rules for parody accounts anyway.  Even with the appearance of the profile changed, the Tweets still appear as “@OpheliaBenson”.

  8. says

    And yet Twitter doesn’t enforce that “rule”…You have to [attempt to] do it for them, and you have to send them a fax to do it. So I haven’t been able to do it.

  9. No Light says

    A fax? How very 1996 of them.

    That said, there are online fax services that allow you to scan a document through your pc, then fax it.

    Sorry they’re such arsewipes.

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