Morning note

So I’ve met Eric MacDonald at last. Also Mark Fournier. Conversation about Job, and Steiner schools and anthroposophy, and people who think they know things, and the quiet revolution in Quebec.

My talk is this afternoon; Vyckie is after me; Eric is after Vyckie.

Note to hotels: don’t have tv on in the breakfast room. Ugh.



  1. bobo says

    Eric Macdonald’s site is great, thank you for the link!

    He says:

    The Irish parliament (or Dáil) has defeated an proposed interim measure concerning abortion, which (according to The

    ” would have provided an interim legislative arrangement as required by the Council of Europe, for termination of pregnancy where as a matter of probability a real and substantial risk to the life of the pregnant woman exists.”

    The measure was defeated 104 votes to 27! The Catholic bullies are in good heart today —

    Sadly, the Irish parliament did not even try to imagine themselves into the lives of women faced with the prospect of dying, because they are pregnant. The flourishes of Roman Catholic ethics get the required genuflection; women are denied justice. This is what happens when the Roman Catholic Church gets control of a place


    Hey, I thought the RCC had no influence in Ireland?

  2. mark4nier says

    Yes, that would be me. I was handling AV at the conference here in Ottawa.

    Is that you, Bobo… as in the Bobo I know? 🙂

  3. says

    It was a great day, although I have some regrets missing the first of the religiously themed discussions this morning (I hear they were quite good). I totally didn’t mean to stalk Ian but I think we went to all the same panels O.O . PZ gave a great little primmer on genetic drift I fear may have been a tad technical for some people. Looking forward to being there far too early tomorrow morning.

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