Why it’s a bad idea to snip your infant’s penis at home

Because if you botch it he could bleed to death, that’s why.

A four-week-old boy “bled to death” after a home circumcision carried out by a nurse, a court has heard.

Goodluck Caubergs died the day after nurse Grace Adeleye carried out the procedure without anaesthetic, Manchester Crown Court was told.

Mrs Adeleye, of Sarnia Court, Salford, was paid £100 to do the operation as Goodluck’s parents did not know the procedure was available on the NHS.

It is alleged the defendant, who is also a midwife, left a “ragged” wound that bled and her post-operative care was inadequate.

All that for a procedure that isn’t medically necessary in the first place.


  1. No Light says

    Poor baby. Hard to notice exsanguination when they’re in nappies, not that it should have been happening in the first place.


  2. bobo says

    I hate it when people make excuses for male circumcision, based on ‘boys cant be clean’ and ‘religion’

    Male bodily autonomy is not respected where circumcision is concerned, and imo, this is just wrong

  3. kraut says


    I am with you, but don’t tell that to the cut it off crowd who find all kinds of excuses to snip.

    They seem similar to the morons who defend home birth in another forum on those site.

  4. No Light says

    (… Files under ‘Things you’d like to think people shouldn’t really need to be told’.)

    Oh AJ, the things I could tell you on that score. We humans are nothing if not inventive in our stupidity.

  5. No Light says

    This is why circumcision should be legal, and only ever done in a sterile medical setting by an actual surgeon.

    Where is it illegal and who wants it to be illegal? That’s like saying “This is why rhinoplasty should be legal, and only ever done in a sterile medical setting by an actual surgeon.”

    Both are valid surgical procedures when used to relieve otherwise intractable issues, regardless of their alternate purely cosmetic purpose.

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