1. Rodney Nelson says

    I had a cat like that. I once watched her muscle my favorite tea mug off the bookshelf she wanted to lie on. Naturally the mug broke.

  2. says

    Seems exactly right. I have a cat who gets a wild hair every so often to knock everything off of my desk, and the other cats managed to throw my laptop on the floor last night.

  3. xmaseveeve says

    Bengals are worst. I took my friend a kitten, and that kitten (Angus) immediately jumped up and strolled along a high shelf, knocking off each in turn of a valuable collection of hand-painted plates featuring native American chiefs. My friend was almost juggling, catching each plate. He still adores that cat.

    Angus also attacked a nasty man from the Council. Ambushed him when he went for a pee, waited crouched in bathroom sink! Man never came back. My Bengal’s called Salem. I don’t have a cup with a handle, or an uncracked plate. Why do we do it?

  4. Marlon says

    A few years ago a friend who was an avid chess player had five or six beautiful sets set up on shelves in his den. He told me he was thinking of getting a cat. I supported the idea but told him we first had to have a little talk. One glass-front display cabinet and one mustachioed tuxedo kitteh later, everyone was happy.

  5. Richard Smith says

    Rule of cat toys:
    Everything on the floor is a cat toy.

    Corollary of rule of cat toys:
    Everything can be knocked onto the floor.

    Any horizontal surface constitutes “the floor.”

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