Very young real housewives of Malibu

This is from two years ago, but so what – it’s still on point.

One wonders why the video that has a FEATURED label at the top of the right hand column is the one titled Anti Feminist, which features someone who 1. calls herself Trish 2. appears to be imitating a Barbie doll 3. says “like” every third word. It’s funny the way people who aren’t good at talking think it’s a good idea to make vlogs.

Anyway. Anita Sarkeesian, before all the Iago syndrome.

Update: before all the Iago syndrome that prompted misogynists to do everything they could to degrade and silence her, was what I meant.


  1. machintelligence says

    I do like this quote from Libby Anne, on her Blog “Love, Joy, Feminism.”

    I recently heard a story of a woman whose daughter wanted to be a princess for Halloween. So she got her a dress and put it on her, and her daughter looked at her askance. “Where are my weapons?!?” she wanted to know. “I can’t defend myself without weapons!”

    What kind of princess are you if you don’t have an ax and a sword?

  2. Stevarious, Public Health Problem says

    What kind of princess are you if you don’t have an ax and a sword?

    No kind of princess at all!

  3. Sophia, Michelin-starred General of the First Mediterranean Iron Chef Batallion says

    @4 – Kate
    I was wondering too. I adore her videos, very insightful and engaging. Something we’re missing?

  4. Aratina Cage says

    Trish, who is mentioned in this post because her “Anti Feminist” video is featured on YouTube when you go there to watch Anita Sarkeesian’s video, was the #1 Romney fan on YouTube this election season. Her reasons for wanting him to be president were extremely superficial, and of course she falsely made a big deal about how President Obama is persecuting Catholics (despite winning the Catholic vote in the end–go figure). So, that’s partly why Trish gets featured (they also share the word “feminist” in different textual areas of their videos).

    And I believe that Iago Syndrome (see a few posts back the post with that in the title) is meant to apply to people like Trish and Rybicki, not to Sarkeesian. Sarkeesian is picking these people apart.

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