If girls of 16 are being raped, then the thing to do is, lower the age of marriage so that they can be raped by their husbands instead of by anybody who happens along.

For a full ten days after she was abducted and raped by a group of
 men, the teenager told no-one, terrified by the men’s threats 
and their claim that they would distribute photographs they had
 taken during the attack.

When she did eventually tell her mother,
 things got even worse; her father, a gardener, unable to bear the
 trauma of what had happened to his daughter and the indignity of such
 photographs being passed around, swallowed pesticide.

In the following days, police arrested and charged seven men, all 
members of a higher caste. But the response to what took place by 
certain elements of society – a suggestion that the age of marriage
 should be be lowered to reduce rapes, and that such attacks were 
triggered by eating ‘Western’ fast-food – sparked both a wave of
 anger and a debate about India’s attitudes towards women that has
 gripped the country

Oh well, it’s not so bad. Marry young and don’t eat fast food – surely a girl shouldn’t aspire to anything more than that.



  1. emily isalwaysright says

    At least the police arrested the rapists, and didn’t ban hamburgers. India is weird like that: so ambiguous.

  2. jhendrix says

    I really shouldn’t read your blog while ill. I was already feeling sick from a cold, and this almost made me vomit.

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