Petrified to go to school

In October Archbishop William Lori explained how good the church had been about the whole thing and how nicely it co-operated with the police and how all right everything was really so everybody please dig deep and put a lot of money in the plate.

The archdiocese conducted its own investigation to identify other possible victims and was in regular contact with the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s office, sharing information that it learned during the course of its investigation. Merzbacher was convicted in June 1995 and sentenced to four life terms plus 10 years. Plaintiffs filed civil claims against Merzbacher, the Catholic Community School, and the archdiocese in 1994. Those claims were dismissed by the courts.

Because of course the archdiocese was above reproach, always, no matter howmuch.

Surprisingly, readers are allowed to comment there. The comments are blistering.

JeanOctober 20, 2012 at 14:00 PM

The A of B did not work with the Baltimore Police Department on this case. Information was given to the AofB from a victim and was kept, never shown to the police and when the victim requested the info back…all of a sudden it can’t be found? Coincidence? I think not.

Christina Kovacs Stalnaker October 20, 2012 at 14:19 PM

Once again, these articles attempt to rewrite the history of terror at the Catholic Community Middle School of South Baltimore. The fact remains that the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Sister Eileen Weisman, as well as Father Herbert Derwart knew of the abuse during Merzbacher’s employment. We know that they were informed by a teacher during my three years in that torture chamber from 1972 to 1975. The teacher resigned after being told to remain silent. As well, Sister Eileen, herself, witnessed instances of rape and abuse with her own eyes. Students were threatened with sexual abuse, beatings, guns, and knives, along with being put into Shepherd Pratt for uttering one word. Also, why did it take eight years after the Merzbacher’s case to remove Sister Eileen as principal from the Cathedral School?

Katrina ArmstrongOctober 20, 2012 at 18:19 PM

The mere thought of the possibility of John Merzbacher being released from prison is outrageous. The notion that he would even deserve to be offered a plea bargain after the lives he has destroyed is ridiculous. We unfortunately seem to be living in a society where the perpetrators of such heinous crimes are obviously protected more than the victims. While I was not a sexually abused by him, John Merzbacher abused everyone he came in contact with…in one way or another. His demeaning daily comments to those who turned out to be his victims left me horrified and I was petrified to go to school.

Mary LewandowskiOctober 20, 2012 at 22:31 PM

It never ceases to amaze me how the Archdiocese of Baltimore continues to trivialize the trauma and abuse that occurred under their unGodly watch in the 1970’s. Children were tortured, raped, molested and verbally and emotionally abused every day while they allowed John Merzbacher to run the Catholic Community Middle School. They allowed the devil’s son to run their Catholic school and chose to turn their heads to the countless complaints, suspicions and even their own eye witness to his numerous criminal acts against children.

And more. It’s horrifying.

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  1. No Light says

    Parochial catholic schools, yeshivot and madrassas need to just be gone. They’re not safe for children.

    The rape trial of Nechemya Weberman started this week. An evil creep hired by schools to “counsel” girls who were deemed “immodest”, and is accused of raping one of them from the age of 12.

    It’s just like the catholic system where these girls were targeted for being too pretty, or talking to boys, or being rebellious, and turned over to nuns or priests for “correction”.

    Close these fucking pits of religious depravity. Too many people have suffered too much pain, and the perps are hailed as righteous martyrs.

    My heart goes out to those poor catholic school kids.

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