Ireland speaks up

There are demonstrations all over Ireland right now, to protest the horrible needless cruel death of Savita Halappanavar. Jen Keane (@zenbuffy) is there. People are estimating the one outside the Dail at 2 or 3 thousand, on only five hours notice.

A selection of tweets.

Ruairí McKenna@ruairimck

Just back from #actiononx protest at Dail. Hope politicians are listening. NEVER AGAIN #savita

Organisers says over 2,000 people have attended a sit-down protest for #Savita outside Leinster House

Ellen Newman@SmellenNewman

#Savita refused abortion due to doctor’s religious bias. The first thing we learn in med school: religion plays no part in medical decisions

Ciarán J. Martin@CiaranJMartin

2000-3000 believed to be gathered outside the Dáil now, hear the people speak #Savita

mark wright@markwrightuk88

RT @boucherhayes: 2000 – 3000 at #Savita protest now. All Kildare St traffic stopped.


Pictures from the #Savita vigil in Ireland are making me cry actual tears. She had a heartbeat too.

Noel Dolan@cybernoelie

#Cork: Quite a large crowd has already gathered for #Savita outside the Opera House.

SEO for SME@Malcolm_Oakley

Ireland and Poland both have total disregard for woman – … #Abortion #Savita #Poland #Ireland


  1. says

    Arguments from legality, principle, and (I suspect) evidence all favour pro-choice activists – at least in my admittedly limited experience.

    But just those won’t do the trick to change societies. You need to have more than just facts & logic, you need to rouse people’s passions & emotions.

    This might be just the thing to make big changes in Ireland.

    Which is a crying shame, because if people just listened to facts & logic, legality, principle & evidence, Savita Halappanavar would be alive right now.

  2. sailor1031 says

    I am pleased to say that my cousin is even now protesting outside the irish embassy in London. Wish I lived closer to DC….

  3. fastlane says

    I hope, at the very least, this doctor or doctors responsible lose their jobs. Being brought up on negligent homicide, or equivalent, would be better.

  4. sheila says

    Oh, I hope they can make a difference. Does anybody know an address to write to? It seems it’s the least I can do for poor Savita.

    I wonder if her religion or the colour of her skin made any difference to the doctor’s attitude?

  5. Hoekom Jy My Haat says

    Will there be any protests this weekend at the Irish Embassy here in DC. Please let me know, I’d LOVE to show up!

  6. says

    Hoekom yes I think so – certainly more demos are planned for Ireland on Saturday. If you’re on Twitter try just asking with the hashtag #Savita.

    sheila same for you – try asking on the hashtag. This is one thing social media can be very useful for.

  7. Tony–Queer Duck Overlord of The Bronze– says

    sheila @5:
    Well, Savita was Hindu and was told that she’s in Catholic country, so at the very least, her belief system and desires were ignored in favor of Catholic teachings.

  8. F says

    It’s good to see that this was not just another largely ignored tragedy.


    Ophelia: Nearly all the links in your post have been borked by WordPress. Sorry.

  9. says

    Oh, most of those aren’t real links, in my view. They’re Twitter hashtags; one wouldn’t expect them to work outside Twitter…would one? I wouldn’t anyway.


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