His wife had left the international airport

Another new wrinkle in the project to make sure that women are kept under ferocious control at all times no matter what – Saudi Arabia has now arranged things so that when a woman leaves Saudi Arabia, her male “guardian” gets a test message saying “Hey! Did you know your slut has crossed the border?”

Since last week, Saudi women’s male guardians began receiving text messages on their phones informing them when women under their custody leave the country, even if they are travelling together.

Manal al-Sherif, who became the symbol of a campaign launched last year urging Saudi women to defy a driving ban, began spreading the information on Twitter, after she was alerted by a couple.

The husband, who was travelling with his wife, received a text message from the immigration authorities informing him that his wife had left the international airport in Riyadh.

Women are not allowed to leave the kingdom without permission from their male guardian, who must give his consent by signing what is known as the “yellow sheet” at the airport or border.

This of course is to make sure that they don’t run around naked begging foreigners to fuck them.


  1. bobo says

    I read about this today. So far, people within SA seem to be mocking it. One man even wondered if women will get implanted microchips next!

  2. says

    21st century technology in service of 7th century culture.

    More like 9th century. Mohammed’s wife was the one bringing in the money, and the first Umma and its caliphs had no issue with women afaik.

    But yeah, you make a good point.

  3. oursally says

    Thinking about it – the way you do – I rather suspect that the authorities are flagging the presentation of the passport, not the body it represents. And in SA women have to wear these sack thingies to stop men raping them whenever they show their faces. So actually they have no idea who it is. This system is so open to fraud…

  4. Lyanna says

    Someone needs to troll this so that EVERY MAN IN THE KINGDOM gets a text saying every five minutes saying something about his wife: she’s leaving the kingdom, or she’s leaving the house, or she’s going to the bathroom…

  5. Nathanael says

    The Saudi Arabia horrorshow has been going on much longer than I would have expected. My current hypothesis is that it’s propped up by oil money. The sooner it collapses the better.

  6. Arakiba says

    Microchips are probably the next step. The slaves can’t be allowed to leave the plantation without their owners being alerted, you know!

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