Florida Humanists help the hungry

From the Humanists of Florida:

Lakeland, Florida

Humanists Help the Hungry

Today, on Giving Tuesday, the Humanists of Florida Association (HFA) is proud to announce its new initiative: Humanists Helping the Hungry. The HFA is seeking donations to support Secular Humanists throughout Florida who are in financial need. This fund will go towards providing the basics, especially food, to those who need it most.Donations are tax deductible.   We will be providing gift cards from local supermarkets for those that qualify for the program.  Applications are available in the link below.

Please consider giving $100, or about the cost of what your family would spend on a nice dinner. It is a most humanistic way to say “thank you” for your own well-being.

Stand by your fellow Secular Humanists in Florida and donate to make a difference in their lives.

To donate to the fund on-line:

To donate to the fund by check:
Make it out to the Humanists of Florida and designate it for “HHH”
Send to the HFA at PO Box 5072, Lakeland, FL 33807.

To make an inquiry about receiving a grant for yourself or another:

For more information, please contact
EllenBeth Wachs, President
at info@floridahumanist.org or 321-300-6545.



  1. EllenBeth Wachs says

    Thank you! We all know many religious organizations out there proselytize before they feed you. I promise, I won’t 🙂

  2. Timon for Tea says

    “Thank you! We all know many religious organizations out there proselytize before they feed you. I promise, I won’t ”

    Perhaps some do, but of course religious organisations are feeding and sheltering hundreds of thousands of people so we should cut them some slack until humanists can manage more than a few dozen (and I will be interested to see where this scheme is in a year or two). A bit early to take the moral high ground yet.

  3. EllenBeth Wachs says

    Seriously, Timon, take a step back. I wasn’t “taking the moral high ground” I was being cheeky. And when Humanist organizations get the billions of dollars that religious organizations do, then you can yip at me. Til then, how about chipping in.

  4. Timon for Tea says

    I didn’t mean to be heavy EllenBeth, just to mix it up a bit.. I think it is a good initiative and would chip in if I was in the right place, but the fact remains that around here if you want to be involved in an effective scheme like this, you pretty much have to work with the church groups.

  5. EllenBeth Wachs says

    Timon, it is not a “scheme.” It is a charitable program to help feed the hungry and no, we don’t have to work with the church groups to be effective.

  6. EllenBeth Wachs says

    By the way, my very religious Catholic employee just donated to my “scheme” because she feels it is a very worthy program.


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