Being Eric Dondero

I don’t keep up with everything. I should but I don’t. A friend mentioned Eric Dondero to me and I had to resort to Google, because I hadn’t kept up. He’s pretty funny.

 Republicans around the country are responding to President Obama’s reelection in a variety of ways — among them: anger, depression, finger-pointing. But nobody had the same reaction as Eric Dondero, a former Ron Paul aide who blogs at In a post yesterday, Dondero, reasoning that the only recourse to Obama’s victory is “outright revolt,” laid out the terms of the “personal boycott” against Democrats which he plans to maintain for the rest of his life and which he hopes his followers will as well. What does the boycott entail? Cutting all ties with Democratic family members, friends, and lovers; refusing to work for a Democratic boss; spitting on the ground when a Democrat talks to you; and possibly shitting on your Democratic neighbor’s lawn, among other things.

That last one would be really hard to do! Think about it. You’d have to set the alarm for, like, 2 in the morning, because if you tried it at 11 or midnight, you just know some nocturnal nabe down the street would be walking a dog and the dog would totally run over to you while you were squatting there, and knock you over and jump around and bark while the human shouted “WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE?!!” It would be soooo embarrassing. You’d have to move out. So you get up at 2 and go over to the neighbor’s lawn – and force yourself to shit? Yeah good luck with that.




  1. jb says

    A few freaks are doing this.

    This nut: is suggesting pretty much the same thing. Try to hurt, financially, and emotionally, any and all liberals that you come across. Punish all liberals for the sin of electing the obamunist usurper!

  2. says

    This is what I mean. I saw the headline – I meant to click on it – but something got in the way and then I never got back to it. Happens 47 trillion times a day.

  3. screechymonkey says

    Don’t deprive yourself of the pleasure of reading Dondero’s original post and his appearances in the comments thread.

  4. Rodney Nelson says

    Dondero is a libertarian, a socio-political rugged individual (pat pending). He’s going to withdraw from the country because he didn’t get his way. Plus he’ll hold his breath until he turns blue, stomp his feet, and pout, so we’ll all be sorry we didn’t vote the way Eric wanted. So there! NYAH!!1one!

  5. jb says

    So when people voted for Obama, that was Satan’s influence, right?

    But when Iraqi fetus’s die, that is Gods will, and thus, rigtheous?

  6. bastionofsass says

    Oh, dear. The thought of life without the pleasure of the company of Dondero and his kindred spirits is so depressing. How will Democrats be able to live any kind of meaningful life if that life doesn’t include Dondero? A truly unspeakably bleak and alarming future awaits.

  7. says

    I really can’t believe these bad sports and sore losers. Sometimes your team wins, and sometimes it doesn’t. That was what most us were told in primary school. Is this guy offspring of the kind of helicopter parenting that makes scenes in the head teacher’s office if their darling doesn’t get the grades he’s entitled to?

  8. michaelpowers says

    I had this fleeting hope that, after the election, at least some of those on the right would actually listen to what the American people were saying. But nothing penetrates the bubble. They continue to do what they’ve been doing. Doubling down.

    A couple of days after the election, a facebook friend sent me a petition for Arizona’s secession. It was the first of many facepalms. I wrote back that I was sorry, but, months earlier, I had signed a petition asking for Southern Arizona’s split from the rest of the state (it only started as a joke). It was shortly after the finger-wagging incident, I think.

    Her response was to unceremoniously un-friend me. Totally harshed my mellow. I guess I’ll just have to carry on, somehow.

  9. says

    michaelpowers says:

    Her response was to unceremoniously un-friend me.

    You can’t win in this un-friending game. Some time ago the Blessed Paula un-friended me because I was not 100% in agreement with her. At the same time someone else un-friended me apparently because I was too sympathetic towards her.

  10. patterson says

    So the Tea Party folk are rebranding themselves as the Lawn Shitters? Well I guess the whole tea thing is a bit of an anachronism. Not sure how effective that will be. Though I imagine crowds of angry white people brandishing bottles of lactulose and packets of ex lax would certainly garner lots of media attention.

  11. says

    Eric Dondero =/= libertarian. He is a Republican who stands against the republic. He is a militarist who was fired by Ron Paul for supporting the Iraq invasion and occupation. He has publicly stated that he wishes to destroy the Libertarian Party on numerous occasions. In spite of this, the idiots at the Libertarian Party continue to hire him to circulate their nominating petitions (mostly without the knowledge of their uninformed donor base).

    Eric Dondero claims that in order to be a libertarian, you must support security theater labeled as “the war on terror.” A quick google search will let you know that this is not the position of most libertarians. John Gilmore and Jacob Sullum are libertarians. Eric Dondero is not.

    Eric is a militarist. He loves the military, police, and all things big-R “Republican.” (He therefore hates the idea of a constitutional republic or a democracy, and would prefer a Halliburton and G.D. Searle & Associates run fascist state.) He also loves whoever is willing to cut him a check, so long as they are currently cutting him a check.

    He literally has no other strongly held principles of any kind.

    Even on gun rights (the decentralization of power) that is essential to the libertarian philosophy, and on a free market in immigration, Dondero is willing to instantly reverse his prior stated views for payment. This was recently proven when he went to work for Joe Arpaio in Arizona, who is an anti-immigrant bigot bent on enforcing every mala prohibita law on the books (except the ones that prohibit unmarried cohabitation, because he’s a hypocrite).

    What did Arpaio hire Dondero to do? Well, he hired him to interfere with the circulation of a petition to recall Joe Arpaio from office. How did Dondero do this? He hired paid mercenary petitioners like Darryl Bonner to harass recall petition circulators in public places, cuss, swear, and create commotions. He had them do this until the police were called, and the petitioners were driven from those locations, thus silencing the democratic process.

    In a constitutional republic, the strong democratic institutions of elections, jury trials, and private gun ownership decentralize power to the individual. That Dondero would favor the silencing of public venues for petitioning shows how much of a “libertarian” he is. He is nothing of the sort.

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