An afternoon well spent

All riiiiight – I got to see inside the Parliament library. That makes up a little for the crushing fact that I didn’t get to see the second floor of Manchester Town Hall (with the murals by Ford Madox Ford) because it was off-limits that afternoon.

I had to take the tour, because you can’t go as many places if you just wander around on your own, such as the library for one. The tour it is then, I exclaimed, and accepted my orange pass with 2:50 stamped on it. It was 2:30, so I nipped up to the Peace Tower to look at the view. It was very like the time I nipped up to the Old Post Office tower in DC – same line to wait for the small elevator, same easier time getting down, same general kind of architecture – and both in national capitals. How about that.

The library is gorgeous.

I like gorgeous. I don’t like coldly minimal. I know someone who spent two million dollars on a reno – yes really – and it’s coldly minimal, just the same very boring tan wood everywhere. The hell with that. I want gorgeous.


  1. Brownian says

    I’m confused. Isn’t the Parliament library in London?

    No, it’s in the nation’s capital.

  2. says

    Glad you enjoyed your afternoon. I now know what tower you’re talking about on the west block as well as I walked past Parliament on my way to the hotel.

    As to the conference well I hate to say it but I think Allan set the bar a bit low for everyone else tomorrow. Mildly amused to find out Natalie Reed is as verbose (?) asking questions in person as she is writing on her blog. I’m afraid I ducked out of the meet and greet before we had a chance to talk. Looking forward to your talk tomorrow afternoon though.

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