1. chrislawson says

    That is a remarkably uninteresting cover. Did they use the MaxBoring filter on Photoshop?

  2. hotshoe says

    No accounting for taste.

    I think it’s a fabulous cover. Nothing “uninteresting” and certainly no need to snark about “MaxBoring”.

    Sadly, I won’t see an issue in real life. Can’t afford to subscribe and neither can anyone else I know …

  3. dgrasett says

    I disagree. It follows the rules, it catches attention without shrieking, and is easily readable – even from some distance. It says what is important without confusion. And is attractive.

  4. says

    hotshoe – library request? Libraries let you request subscriptions. They don’t comply with every request, but it’s worth a try, assuming you have an available library system.

  5. hotshoe says

    Thanks for the reminder, Ophelia. Our local library is currently being threatened with being closed – yes, totally closed – because there’s no money in this county. (We’re one of the poorest cpunties in the state, rural, only two towns of any size to speak of, with the rest being hardscrabble ranches and a couple general stores at some crossroads.) But I work in the next nearest town, in a different county, and I think they do have money in the budget for library aquisitions. I’ll stop in their library and ask.

  6. says

    So…am I the only one who thinks it’s a little odd that the woman on the cover is looking out from a sort of paper burkha here…?

  7. melody says

    I’m proud to be the guest editor of this issue. This cover is getting framed and put on my office wall.

  8. Dave Ricks says

    CFI’s WiS 1 used a banner logo (on web pages and the printed program) and a placard logo (on the screen and podium) that shared the same extremely wide crop of artwork.  CFI’s WiS 2 will use the same extreme aspect ratio in their banner logo too.

    The Free Inquiry cover shown here doesn’t use a WiS logo or the same crop of artwork.  I’m like, “Where did her nose come from?”

    CFI’s WiS graphics are electrifying (to me, at least), so I hope Free Inquiry can work with CFI to revise their cover to convey that WiS look and feel to their readers.

  9. Emily Isalwaysright says

    Ah yes. *breathes sigh of relief*

    I just hope Ronald Lindsay has the balls to keep those women in their place.

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