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In Cairo, it’s reported that a mob attacked a Christian man, who was then arrested for being an atheist.

An angry mob of Egyptians gathered around a Christian man’s home on Thursday evening, attacking the building and demanding the man be put to death for his beliefs. Police arrived as the mob grew in size, but instead of dispersing the crowd, the Christian man, Alber Saber, was subsequently arrested.

His charge? He was accused of being an atheist. The mob also accused him of disseminating the anti-Islam “film” that has created massive unrest among Muslims in the Islamic world.

Saber has since been held by police pending an investigation. An online Facebook page in solidarity with the man has been created and accuses the police of torturing him during initial interrogations.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong – a chain of wrong. Angry mob gather’s around someone’s house: wrong. Attacking the house: wrong. Demanding  the man be put to death for his beliefs: grotesquely wrong!! Police arrive and arrest the man but do nothing about the mob: wrong. Arresting the man for being an atheist: wrong. (The same would apply if they had arrested him for being a Christian.) Accusing him of disseminating the film: wrong. (None of their damn business.)

This is why we can’t have nice things. It’s either dictators or theocrats. Those are not the only possible choices! Jeez. Figure it out, people. Quickly.


  1. johnthedrunkard says

    One of the charms of long-entrenched dictatorships; they leave a vacuum behind, having destroyed any possible legitimate successors. See also Iran, Libya, Syria and Iraq.

    Even if the herd of princelings in Saudi were finally sent packing, who is left to build a real government?

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