Should eating a peach be legal?

Should going for a walk be legal?

Should listening to music be legal?

Should reading poetry be legal?

Should non-marital sex be legal?

It’s not currently legal in Morocco, and as it turns out it’s not even safe to say it should be.

The editor of Morocco’s Al-Ahdath Al-Maghribia daily newspaper, Moktar el-Ghzioui, is living in fear for his life after he expressed support for pre-marital sex during a local television debate.

“The next thing there was a cleric from Oujda releasing a fatwa that I should die,” he says.

“I am very scared for myself and my family. It’s a real blow to all the modernists who thought Morocco was moving forward.”

According to article 490 of the penal code, Moroccans can be jailed for having sexual relations outside marriage.

This is based on Islamic law, which bans unmarried people from engaging in sexual activity.

And it doesn’t look likely to change any time soon.

Morocco’s Justice Minister Mustapha Ramid, from the newly elected Islamist government, has made it clear that he will not change the law.

“Legalising sex outside marriage is an initiative to promote debauchery,” he said recently.

Define “debauchery.” Then explain what’s wrong with it.



  1. busterggi says

    The Abrahamic religions need some serious counselling over their preoccupation with sex.

    They all seem to agree that raping captured women belonging to enemies (i.e.: people who disagree with you, even if they are minding their own business) is alright but that’s about the only sex that’s approved as enjoyable. Remember – marital sex is a requirement but the enjoyment of it is frowned upon.

  2. GordonWillis says

    Define “debauchery”? How can you ask that, when you have the EFFRONTERY to use the p****** word at the very start of your post? And to mention [gasp] eating them is just so DISGUSTING! You ought to go to ETERNAL TORMENT for saying such ABOMINABLE THINGS. Allah is MERCIFUL, you know! Why should he allow us to put up with such OFFENSIVE and OBSCENE language!!!?
    Sorry, I realise I’ve spelt every word correctly. Dammit! Forgive me, God, I’ll keep practising, honest, please, i meen pleez, no, pleze, no, i hate Bach i mene bark he’s foul, i reely mene that onest o plese ile be reely nasti i mean godly NO PLEEEE…

  3. Fin says

    What I find hilarious (in a black humour kind of way) about this is the language that they use. “Debauchery” is such a mild term for the wild fuck parties in the street that would obviously be the result of pre-marital sex being allowed.

    I can only imagine it going to Defcon “Depravity” if somebody starts talking about gay sex.

  4. Tony •King of the Hellmouth• says


    I can only imagine it going to Defcon “Depravity” if somebody starts talking about gay sex.

    We don’t have teh secks.
    Us gays make love.
    …does that mean we make God (he/she/it=love, right)?

    (no more sex for me).

  5. GordonWillis says

    Q.1 define debauchery, then explain what’s wrong with it.
    well debauchery is sumthing reely horibul wot i dont like see cos its rely nasty and stuff. its rong cos its reli nasti and stuf yu no. cos i reely reli don like it cos its jus so nasti n horibul an it sucks so bad no wot i mene an awl thoz debawchd peepl wot do thes thing shud go to hell an stay there for eva n eva ha.

  6. Sunny says

    Why the punishment always death?

    Daughter disobeys – Death
    Make a movie about the Prophet – Death
    Draw a cartoon – Death
    Write about the Prophet – Death
    Sex – Death
    Homosexuality – Death
    …. [and so on]

  7. GordonWillis says

    “The next thing there was a cleric from Oujda releasing a fatwa that I should die,” he says.

    I thought Islam didn’t have any clergy. I thought that people read the Koran Q’oran Q’u’r’a’n thing and did what it said. I thought. So no one got to tell everyone else the truth, I mean, what the truth was, I mean, oh bugger. Well, that’s what I thought.
    And I don’t mean any disrespect to Moktar el-Ghzioui, whose predicament is appalling because these rilijus cretinz ar so CORRUPTED AND DEPRAVED.

  8. jaytheostrich says

    Yes, Islam is definitely the single True Path, and a religion of peace, and DEATH to anyone who might imply otherwise!

  9. Dave says

    This is Morocco, where generations of Europeans have gone to enjoy debauchery. Google ‘Tangiers gay history’ for example. Of course, white people using under-age brown prostitutes is not really very PC either. Ironically, it is the end of the colonial and neo-colonial history of the region which is bringing these changes about. Plenty of blame to go around…

  10. dianne says

    Non-marital sex is also illegal in Florida. One suspects that the enforcement is a bit selective.

  11. fastlane says

    “Legalising sex outside marriage is an initiative to promote debauchery,” he said recently.

    Just to be clear: They are saying this is a bad thing, right? 😉

    Cuz, I was thinking I need to sign me up for some o’ that debauchery!

  12. earwig says

    Oh jaytheostrich,come on. It’s obvious that if only everyone would embrace the religion of peace we could all live peacefully.

  13. M Groesbeck says

    jaytheostrich @ 10 —

    Why, it’s entirely clear that Islam is unique among major religions in its fuckery. I mean, it’s not like Christianity has scriptures (and millions of members) that require execution for homosexuality, apostasy, feminism, or residence in a disfavored nation. Of course not — Christianity is complicated! We all know that Christians selectively read their doctrines in a whole range of ways, as opposed to those Muslims who are a homogeneous, literalist horde.

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