She wept and begged to be released

Spare a thought for that little girl in Pakistan who is in jail for “blasphemy” because she (supposedly, allegedly, some asshole saidly) had some pages of the Koran in a bag of trash, or put some pages of the Koran in a fire along with other trash, or some such stupid meaningless unreasonable bit of nonsense. Spare a thought for her, because she wants to get out. She would probably prefer to be at home, with people who love her and take care of her.

According to the BBC’s Orla Guerin in Islamabad, Rimsha’s lawyer said that when he saw her in jail over the weekend she wept and begged to be released.

Her parents have been taken into protective custody following threats, and many other Christian families are reported to have fled the neighbourhood.

There are fears that even if she is released, Rimsha’s family will not be safe in Pakistan. Others accused of blasphemy have been killed by vigilante mobs in the recent past.

Human beings: finding shitty reasons to torment each other for 100,000 years.


  1. Albert Bakker says

    This goes way beyond words. Her accusers deny she suffers from mental impairments in order to punish her maximally. But they have a small point, which they are hellbent on proving in every way possible: if there are people mentally ill in this sordid history, it’s them. It is these despicable morbid lowlife psychopath death cult that is truly ridden with disease.

  2. Alverant says

    It’s not like they can’t make more Korans. There was no malice intent. I can’t imagine all the fuss. Oh wait, what would happen in some parts of the USA if a little girl cut up this piece of pretty red white and blue frabric for a game of Dress Up?

  3. says

    This seems relevant, once again. There’s a segment of the population that’s basically just looking for an excuse to attack somebody and aren’t too concerned about such petty things as facts, empathy or common decency.
    These people exist everywhere, but cause particular problems when some unscrupulous people find it expedient to pander to them and give them targets.

  4. says

    Like I said, they don’t care about facts. They don’t even care about being consistent in their beliefs.
    Excerpt from The Authoritarians:

    Finally, just to take this to its ludicrous extreme, I asked for reactions to a “law to eliminate right-wing authoritarians.” (I told the subjects that right-wing authoritarians are people who are so submissive to authority, so aggressive in the name of authority, and so conventional that they may pose a threat to democratic rule.) RWA scale scores did not connect as solidly with joining this posse as they had in the other cases. Surely some of the high RWAs realized that if they supported this law, they were being the very people whom the law would persecute, and the posse should therefore put itself in jail. But not all of them realized this, for authoritarian followers still favored, more than others did, a law to persecute themselves. You can almost hear the circuits clanking shut in their brains: “If the government says these people are dangerous, then they’ve got to be stopped.”

  5. mirax says

    This is how muslim nations get to be 99.99% muslim and then declare (like goddamn fucking Maldives for an example) that your nationality is synonymous with your religion or your race determines your religion(fucked up Malaysia). So the non-muslims (and muslim “heretics”) can convert, get persecuted or killed or be driven from pillar to post.It is nothing more than they deserve for not choosing to be muslim. Simple.


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