She was scolded and told she was next

No freedom for you. No work for you. No acting career for you. No safety for you. No right to decide how to live your life for you. Only death threats for you, if you have the nerve to be an actress in Afghanistan.

Afghan female artist and actress Sahar Parniyan has shifted her home from western Kabul city to an unknown location after she received death threats from unknown individuals.

Sahar Parniyan used to perform in Afghan drama serials and TV shows with Benafsha who was murdered by unknown men during the Eid days in capital Kabul.

She says she has been threatened by unknown individuals not to appear in TV channels before her colleague Benafsha was assassinated.

In an exclusive interview with DW Sahar Parniyan said she received warnings from unknown individuals following the death of Benafsha and she was scolded and was told that she was next target to be assassinated.

So that’s her scolded and silenced and forced into hiding.


  1. says


    I really hate religion. In fact, I hate it religiously.

    I’m so sick of this bronze age bullshit. I think maybe these people need to be forced to join us in the 21st century…

    Though at the same time, the thought of a third world war scares the shit out of me.

    Maybe women just need to move out of the Middle East completely… see how they feel when there are no more woman there…

  2. says

    “unknown men” “unknown individuals” These 2 phrases sum up the situation: whatever law enforcement exists is not going to act and the relatives/friends of those who did the assassination are going to remain silent. No matter the hardship, if you are at all rational, it’s time to go and not look back.

  3. Albert Bakker says

    So where would you go then? Where would be the place you are welcome as a refugee from Afghanistan? For political purposes it is safe now, especially Kabul.

  4. yaqub - sick of it all levantine kaffir says

    shades of ghazala javed, and countless other girls and women murdered for the honour of allah’s perfect religion. it’s not fucking racism to point out that on planet islam, it’s still the 7th century. watercarriers for islamic arab imperialism (such as jadehawk, and a host of other preening sanctimonious privileged western hypocrite commenters on the internet) have their weltanschauung and priorities so warped that they condemn people like pat condell for taking the Prophet’s faithful to task on their bullshit as “racism”.

  5. David Hart says

    Winterwind: No. It is only racism if people are being criticised for their race or ethnicity. It is not racist to criticise someone’s beliefs, or behaviour based on those beliefs.

    This does of course lead to the rather awkward situation where groups like the BNP, who do have a racist agenda, try to disguise it behind criticism of Islam in particular – but the important thing to notice is that it is awkward precisely because their criticism is sometimes valid – i.e. they are saying things that happen to be true or need saying, even though their motivation for saying them is reprehensible and/or dishonest. This is why those who oppose religion need to fight to reclaim criticism of religion from the racists, which means that we need to always keep the distinction between criticising beliefs that happen to loosely correlate with some ethnic groups, and criticising the ethnic groups themselves, keenly in mind.

  6. busterggi says

    We can’t get the Religious Reich in the US to leave the 16th century so what makes anyone think we can do so in Afghanistan?

    We need to just leave that whole area and let the chips fall where they may.

  7. Orion3T says

    We need to just leave that whole area and let the chips fall where they may.


    Progress is being made; I saw it myself when I recently served in Afghanistan. If I remain in service long enough, I’ll gladly go back and do it again – because it’s probably the most worthwhile thing I have ever done (other than raising 2 wonderful kids, of course).

    The innocent people of Afghanistan need professional, organised help to overcome problems of horrendous scope and magnitude. The situation in the article is certainly awful, but it’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

    I consider myself fortunate to live in a relatively secular UK, so I’m privileged in that regard. I know many people face awful oppression at home, and I’m not trying to dumb that down. So I’m not remotely suggesting that problems at home don’t matter, or are less important. They are important.

    But in terms of humanitarian progress, the potential for improvement is huge out there and worth fighting for. In general, children in the West are not forced to play unsupervised right next to minefields.

    Those of us who are willing and able can make a huge difference. So please don’t think it’s a big waste of our time, effort, or lives.

  8. says

    David Hart: No, criticism of a particular religion can be racist. It depends on the context. It happens when a religion is associated with people from particular races/ethnic backgrounds, or migrants. It means that sometimes people are biased against that religion. For example, when some who goes on a killing spree or does some other horrible act is a Muslim, this is taken as an example of how violent and evil Muslims are, whereas a Christian who does the same thing is not taken to represent Christianity.

    I’m not suggesting that all criticism of Islam is racist, only that some of it is. By all means criticise the horrible things Muslims and other religious people do. I only mentioned it because yaqub was patting himself on the back for ignoring discrimination against Muslims in Western countries.


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