The screaming mob

I mentioned yesterday that a Karachi police station was being attacked by a mob who wanted to kill a guy who’d been arrested for blasphemy. It was eyewitness news on Twitter, not published news. Now there is published news.

A police station in central part of the city was attacked by an angry mob on Sunday that tried to break into the lockups to kill a blasphemy accused.

The Taimuria Police Station in North Nazimabad became a warzone when it arrested and booked a man under section 295(b) on accusation of desecrating a copy of Holy Quran.

“Then slowly people started gathering outside and it turned into a crowd. The screaming mob was demanding of us to hand over the accused to them.”

Police claim to have recovered some drugs from his possession as well. As police resisted, the mob turned violent and barged into the police station, breaking furniture and beating at least one policeman.

Another step down the spiral.


  1. Roger says

    A step up the spiral, perhaps.
    A few years ago Pakistani police would probably have handed the accused man over to the mob.

  2. vincenthos says

    Repeat after me: ” Islam is a religion of peace.”

    (And if you say it isn’t, we will kill you.)

    But I am sure Reza Aslan and Karen Armstrong can set me straight and explain that A. This has nothing to do with Islam and B. I know less about Islam then they do and hence should shut up.

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