SSA week Blogathon

You know it’s Secular Student Alliance week, right?

Right now, SSA supporters Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss have pledged a $250,000 matching offer. That means that every contribution is matched dollar-dor-dollar up to a quarter of a million dollars.Hitting the Hawkins/Strauss match means we can offer previously unimagined levels of support for our affiliates during the coming fall semester.  But we need help from the non-students to get there.

The goal of SSA Week is to raise $100,000.  Is it ambitious?  Yes.  Can we do it?  Yes.  Surely there are 20,000 people out there who support the cause of empowering secular activists at the college and high school level.  $5 apiece from each of them gets us to our goal.  The little box over there on the right sidebar will tell you how we’re doing.

There’s one here too, over there on the right sidebar.

I’m going to do a piece of that blogathon thing. Not 24 hours like heroic Jen, just a quarter of that; six hours. Sunday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pacific Time.

Got any subjects you want me to blab about? Donate and make a request. Lots of people are doing this, on FTB (hive mind! anarchic hive mind!) and elsewhere. There’s a big ol’ list and schedule on the SSA week page.

SSA is a good thing. I will give you just two words to explain why: Jessica Ahlquist.


  1. says

    Before any group adopts an acronym, they should first do a search to make certain that it is not widely used to mean something else.
    In this case, SSA is commonly used by religious conservatives to refer to “same-sex attraction.”

  2. says

    1) TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) are “overloaded” (in the technical sense that for a given TLA there is likely more than one group/substance/concept that it represents). Get used to it.

    2) If the fundagelicals and theocons are confused because a campaign for awareness and support of the Secular Student Alliance could be mistaken for a campaign for awareness of Same Sex Attraction, why is that a problem?

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