Singing dancing sluts killed for singing and dancing

Well now I feel sick.

Last week there were news reports that four women and two men in Pakistan had been sentenced to death for singing and dancing at a wedding. Yes that’s right; singing and dancing at a wedding. It’s fornication, you see, because they were mixed. Only they weren’t – the photographs and video waved around to show the fornicators fornicating actually don’t show that.

Abdul Majeed Afridi, district police officer, said: “It was decided that the men will be killed first, but they ran away so the women are safe for the moment. I have sent a team to rescue them and am waiting to hear some news.”

“All of them were shown separately in the video. I’ve seen the video taken on a cell phone myself, it shows four women singing and a man dancing in separate scenes and then another man sitting in a separate shot,” he added.

Yes don’t bother us with details; they were fornicating.

Anyway, those women who didn’t manage to run away and who were safe? They’ve all been killed.

 The four women among the six persons sentenced to death by jirga elders on May 28 were killed on June 3 in a remote area some 80km away from Kohistan, according to reports.

Earlier, district police chief Abdul Majeed Afridi confirmed the jirga’s verdict and assured the accused that all available resources would be utilised to stop the executions. A local resident told The News that the provincial government had intentionally tried to deny the killings so as to avert a massive crisis in case human rights organisations discovered the truth. It has also been learnt that the four women — Sehreen Jaan, Begum Jaan, Bazigha and Amna — had all been subjected to physical and mental torture even though they had not committed any major crime, and that after their execution they were buried without a proper Islamic funeral.

Because they sang and danced at a wedding. Three things that should have been joyous and pretty and fun and loving – and wo, maybe even sexy – and they were tortured and then murdered for it.



  1. 'Tis Himself says

    Showing yet again that religion isn’t about gods but about authority and power.

  2. iknklast says

    Of course it’s irrelevant if they were or were not fornicating; no one should be killed for fornicating. Sex should be celebrated, not condemned.

    Religion makes me sick.

  3. Beauzeaux says

    I’m all through with Pakistan. I don’t give a shit that not everyone is a killer of innocents. It’s a country that allows the killing of innocents every day.

    And does NOTHING to stop it.

    Yes, yes…all sorts of other places that are less than perfect. Fuck them, too.

    But Pakistan and all its works can and should go to hell if there were such a place.

  4. says

    The list of things wrong with Pakistan these days is so long that I am honestly surprised the country is not engrossed in civil war. Give it a few more years, perhaps.

  5. mwalters says

    There was an article on BBC News today — “Pakistan wedding women alive, rights campaigners say” — that I think refers to this incident and that these reports may have been wrong and that at least some, and possibly all, are alive (at least so far).

  6. Brian M says


    If you pay U.S. taxes you are in no way “done” with Pakistan. “We” fund that benighted theocracy with billions every year. All so our OWN benighted sociopathic elites can continue playing the “Great Game” in Central Asia.

  7. Beauzeaux says

    Brian M

    I don’t pay US taxes. I am a Canadian resident and citizen.

    In any case, paying taxes is not an indication of support for the government. One pays taxes because one must.

  8. Riptide says

    Am I the only one who’s more than a little disturbed that someone can say “The men have run for their lives. We’ll wait to kill the women until we’ve *rescued* the men”? As though the policeman were “rescuing” the men from continuing to live.

    Shit’s fucked, yo.

  9. says

    But Islam and Muslims are peaceful, yeah right. When is the rest of the world going to put a stop to this? Till when are we going to listen and watch such atrocities and bla bla about them and do noting else? When is it that some one will come up with a solution to this disaster? The world will NOT move forward unless Islam and all similar social tumors are removed for good.

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