Poetry before they sleep

Maureen Brian (whom I met at QED, much to my delight) makes an eloquent point on the government’s education plans. It’s so eloquent that it gets the 1:30 slot.

In an ideal world we would have the active encouragement of all a person’s natural languages throughout life, GCSE and A Level exams available in most of them and an end to the notion that passing an exam 20 years ago beats speaking the language every day to your Granny.

We will not be getting that ideal world under the current government whose aim seems to be to have people reciting infant school poetry before they sleep, unpaid and in fear of losing benefits, under the bridges of the nation.


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  1. Zengaze says

    This governments (UK) idiocy never fails to astound me, now they are talking about a return to traditional teaching techniques, is it something in the mindset of right wingers that they despise advancement and modernity? This arcane notion that somehow things were better in the golden days, where father went to work in the bank and returned home to mother who had the wholesome family dinner on the table and called the children in from playing hop scotch………. What a delusional bunch of wankers.

    Their new idea is to bore kids to death in the name of education, because that worked before. Recite recite recite, and if you make a mistake recite again. It’s not important that you understand the underlying concepts of the formula you are verbally playing back to the master in his gown with a cane, as long as you have the programmed response to the potential test question.

    This isn’t education.

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