Mike Gillis

Mike Gillis of Ask an Atheist decided he hadn’t been rude enough yet, when he called my objection to posting my email without permission “such a stupid pedantic distraction from Becky’s actual response.” So he commented again:

Ophelia, knock it off. Now you’re just looking for excuses to dismiss Becky’s arguments.

Actually no. I said what I had to say about her “arguments” in a later post. My objection to her publishing my email without asking is not an excuse at all, it’s a very real objection.

Not worth a post, obviously. I just did it by way of using The Hammer of Shame.


  1. evilDoug says

    Ah, well. As I’ve often said, “having shit for brains at least keeps his head from being empty”.

  2. Pteryxx says

    …That makes no sense at all. The line Sam cites as “giving permission” is a QUESTION – it’s Ophelia asking to quote BECKY. What the frick? Asking permission is not giving consent!

  3. julian says

    As interesting as dismantling any claims of your existence may be, G-d, there are other (often more important) issues out there.

  4. says

    @julian: Actually, from all accounts, the most important thing to god(s) appears to be receiving recognition and adulation of just the right sort. (Well, that and keeping close track of what humans are doing with their genitals).

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