Hebden Bridge under water

Hebden Bridge was hammered by a flood last Friday. Pictures here.

After heavy rain all day Friday,  flood sirens went just before 8pm. Just hours later, the whole of the centre of Hebden Bridge was flooded. Market Street,  Bridge Gate, Old Gate, Albert Street and Crown Street were all under water and impassable.

The dramatic events of Friday evening have led to dozens of local shops and businesses suffering damage and serious loss of stock. We encourage all HebWeb readers to support the fund set up by the Community Foundation.

Life is difficult, and then it floods.


  1. spirokeat says

    Your initial post and the first response come across as trivialising the issue.

  2. spirokeat says

    Yes, I read the context of your post in light of the first response as being insensitive. Having now read it back to myself several times I see it wasn’t as obvious as I initially thought.

    Apologies Ophelia.

  3. says

    Well I wasn’t sure what to say. I didn’t want to be mawkish but I did want to pass on the news of people having a hard time. I should have risked a little mawkishness, I guess.

  4. spirokeat says

    No, it was my issue not yours. I guess I was kinda suprised to see a little town near me mentioned on what I consider a fairly US side blogsite.

    That darn internet, always setting folk up for the misunderstand.


    Kinda pissed off that my first interchange with you is a daft one considering how long I’ve been reading and liking your thoughts.

  5. says

    No that’s ok – it’s all cleared up!

    I’m in the US, fer sher, but my friend Maureen Brian is in Hebden Bridge, and I have all these other new friends in t’North because of going to QED in Manchester. Plus I’ve always liked Yorkshire anyway.

  6. Matt Penfold says

    It was Maureen who pointed out the photo to me. I mentioned I had heard the owner of the bookshop being interviewed on the radio and appearing rather downhearted (quite understandably) and unsure if the shop would ever re-open.

  7. says

    Given that Hebden Bridge is often called the gay capital of the North, I bet that if this was the States, people would be calling it God’s revenge.

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