An explosion of Pepto Bismol

Via Christopher Moyer – women tennis players are given their own special court to play on.

…the revered Stade Roland Garros, which first hosted a national women’s  tennis tournament in 1897, had turned a court bright pink and set up an on-site salon and spa for female sportswriters in honor of “Ladies Day.”

Well good good good good. And female surgeons will get their own special bright pink OR, and female pilots will get their own special bright pink cabins, and female judges will get their own special bright pink robes.

More from Joanne Gerstner, who was there.

The carpet is hot pink. The tennis court is rose pink. The champagne is pale pink. The nail polish is cotton candy pink. Even the hair dryer is flamingo pink.

The French Tennis Federation declared Thursday to be its first “Ladies’ Day” at the French Open, and somebody thought it was a genius idea to go heavy on the pink to drive the theme home. Because all females love pink and live to be Elle from “Legally Blonde.”

I was welcomed into the Village de la Femme, aka a little tent setup on Court 4 by the eye-searing pink carpet. Two guys wearing baby pink polos guarded the door to prevent male interlopers. When I got onto the court, there were little chalets where we ladies could get our nails done, a blowout, a coffee/juice/pink champagne bar and massages.

So this was the definition of Ladies’ Day at a place where Chris Evert, Steffi Graf, Serena and Venus Williams, Suzanne Lenglen and other amazing female athletes showed their muscles, sweated and made their mark? Nope, no recognition of women as making up half the athletes at the French Open.

Gee, I guessed CFI missed an opportunity by not draping everything in pink bunting for the Women in Secularism con.


  1. LeftSidePositive says

    But…but…berries! In the ancestral environment! And dolls’ skin tones! It’s SCIENCE!

  2. Godless Heathen says

    Gah. I never go to sporting events on ladies days. They’re always so annoying, like knitting at a baseball game and, well, that’s all I can think of. But, yeah, wtf.

    Although free champagne is awesome. They should keep that and get rid of everything else.

  3. Stacy says

    But…but…berries! In the ancestral environment! And dolls’ skin tones! It’s SCIENCE!

    LSP for the win! Your sniny new internets will be delivered within 30 days from receipt of this notice.

  4. David Hart says

    And as a bloke who rates hot pink as one of his favourite colours, if I had any interest at all in tennis, I’d feel short-changed:-)

  5. Robert (SeraphymC) says

    I guess it’s too mind blowingly out of the box to even consider asking the female athletes and sportswriters what they would like for “Ladies Day”. I could handle the pink if that’s what they wanted, but to just default to pink?

    Oh, I know why they can’t ask. They would probably get a response along the lines of “We want one day free from the sexism and bullshit”.

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