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It’s 9:47. I took some time to read things, and have a little coffee, so it’s 9:47. Yikes.

Brianne – awake much too soon after her 24 hour stint – provides topics.

How can we get Americans more interested in world politics? Do we need to get Americans more interested?  Does that kind of interest and knowledge set have to start being rolled out in the younger school years?

We certainly need to get Americans more interested – because the US does a lot of [helping/meddling] in the world, and citizens should have more knowledge in order to judge what is helping and what is meddling. Because there are international charities and NGOs, which Americans – like anyone else – can work for, donate to, promote – or criticize and expose – or both. Because the world matters. Because internationalism is better than parochialism. (That will have to be just a flat assertion for now – it’s 9:53.) Because the world is interesting.

It helps to get people started early, but it’s not a now or never thing. I utterly failed to be interested in things like that as a child, but I changed later. On the other hand the need to make a living can get in the way of changing later. (I solved this problem by mostly not actually making a living. Not suitable for all audiences.)

Three minutes to the hour.

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  1. StevoR says

    I think you’ll find its actually 60 minutes to the hour somehow! 😉

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

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