American Atheists Announces Harassment Policy

In a press release.

American Atheists’ President Dave Silverman announced today that the organization was implementing a comprehensive Code of Conduct for all sponsored and hosted regional conferences and the annual American Atheists’ National Convention.

Dave Silverman said, “The Code of Conduct will allow all conference attendees to know that American Atheists’ events are safe, fun and informative. We want people to enjoy themselves but know there will be consequences for harmful behaviors.”

The Code of Conduct addresses conference attendees’ behavior during speaker’s sessions, access to sessions for ability-challenged attendees, respect for families who attend, as well as sexual and other types of harassment.

The Code of Conduct also provides direction for American Atheists’ staff and volunteers who will take reports of harassment and inappropriate conduct.

Silverman continued, “We are training our staff and volunteers to be able to take information from our attendees who have been harassed. These reports will be given directly to one designated senior staff member at each event to be assessed and to determine what action should and needs to be taken.”

“The Code of Conduct is a living document. We will adapt it as we learn from what works and what needs improvement. But the overall goal is to create fun, enjoyable, and safe conventions and conferences for everyone,” Silverman added.

The Code of Conduct will go into effect immediately and be used first at American Atheists’ regional conference in Minnesota, August 10-11.

AMERICAN ATHEISTS is a non-profit 501(c)3 national organization that defends civil rights of Atheists, Freethinkers and other nonbelievers; works for the total separation of church-mosque-temple and state; and addresses issues of First Amendment public policy.

You can read the whole thing.


  1. John Morales says

    Not exactly something to discourage potential attendees.

    (Unless they hope to harass, of course)

  2. raymoscow says

    It does seem rather straightforward and sensible, and not very much like the apocalypse. What was all the fuss about?

  3. dirigible says

    “It does seem rather straightforward and sensible, and not very much like the apocalypse.”


    Because. Er. No, give me a minute….

  4. davidmc says

    Thats great, i sense a certain amount of disillusionment lifting. its nice being on the right side , takeing a stand, and something positive comeing from it. Lets hope numbers are up, and it goes a long way to reducing incidents to as close to zero as possible and certainly way better than the, no worse than anywhere else, i think i saw mentioned somewhere the other week.

  5. Lyanna says

    What sex-hating prudes!

    Incidentally, all the accusations of “prude” and “Taliban” and “killjoy” has given me a new respect for Andrea Dworkin’s style of feminism. I can see where she is coming from so much better now that I have seen people explicitly admit that their “fun” relies on nonconsensual activity.

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