A mob of men attacks women in Tahrir Square

Holy shit. Holy fucking hell god damn it piss crap.

A mob of hundreds of men assaulted women holding a march demanding an end to sexual harassment Friday, with the attackers overwhelming the male guardians and groping and molesting several of the female marchers in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

What is the matter with them? What the hell is their point – that assaulting women is good? That women’s wish not to be assaulted is evil and deserving of punishment in the form of assault?

From the ferocity of the assault, some of the victims said it appeared to have been an organized attempt to drive women out of demonstrations and trample on the pro-democracy protest movement.

Misogynist fascists then. Lovers of violence, force, hatred, crazed hyper-and-pseudo-masculinity. The worst kind of people imaginable.

Friday’s march was called to demand an end to sexual assaults. Around 50 women participated, surrounded by a larger group of male supporters who joined to hands to form a protective ring around them. The protesters carried posters saying, “The people want to cut the hand of the sexual harasser,” and chanted, “The Egyptian girl says it loudly, harassment is barbaric.”

After the marchers entered a crowded corner of the square, a group of men waded into the women, heckling them and groping them. The male supporters tried to fend them off, and it turned into a melee involving a mob of hundreds.

The marchers tried to flee while the attackers chased them and male supporters tried to protect them. But the attackers persisted, cornering several women against a metal sidewalk railing, including an Associated Press reporter, shoving their hands down their clothes and trying to grab their bags.

Turning everything into shit. Nice job.

I saw this via Mona Eltahawy on Twitter. Three of her best friends were attacked.



  1. julian says

    The difference between men and women; violence against men is almost always only violence while violence against women almost always borders on sexual assault and rape.

    Where were the cops?

    Cops are usually no help when mob violence breaks out. They’re poorly equipped to deal with it when it happens and generally to incompetent to keep it from happening.

  2. Lyanna says

    What the hell is their point – that assaulting women is good? That women’s wish not to be assaulted is evil and deserving of punishment in the form of assault?

    Yes. Rapists are the police force that punishes unruly women.

  3. yaqub says

    Turns out the “Arab spring” isn’t the bunfest of peace love and harmony the moonbats predicted. That doesn’t stop the “revolutionary socialist” twits in academia (on 6 figure salaries, but pontificating about proletarianism and so on) opining how “the international left should not rule out alliances with the Muslim brotherhood”. well why the hell not, they’re “largely secular” according the luvvies in the media, I saw it on telly, it must be true. Not terribly different from the occupy movement in which multiple women have been raped and sexually assaulted, several people murdered, private property vandalised, and on, and on. Ophelia, you’re great, keep up the good work. Seems you’re another liberal mugged by reality… such perspicacity on the issue of Islamic coercion and oppression is extremely rare on this network and in general. people are terrified of being called “WACIST!” when this issue has sweet f* all to do with race.

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    yaqub @ # 6 – nice recgurg-itation of wingnut babbling points.

    Please contact Rupert Murdoch to receive your gold star.

  5. Happiestsadist says

    yaqub: Curious as to where exactly Ophelia was supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. Also, kiiiiinda fucked up that you’re equating rape and murder with vandalism. I’d say I’m curious as well to what you find a preferable means of combating social inequality is, but I frankly don’t want to know, even on the rare chance you think it exists.

  6. JoeBuddha says

    Yet another day in the MRA paradise of Egypt. What makes me double sad (and disgusted) is that I had to check twice to make sure it wasn’t in some god-fosaken state in the bible-belt.

  7. Suido says

    But what about false accusations? And what about the fact that only a few of the 50 women reported it? This is not fair to the menz!!!1


  8. F says

    Bloody hell.


    … such perspicacity on the issue of Islamic coercion and oppression is extremely rare on this network

    You’re off your rocker.

    Seems you’re another liberal mugged by reality…

    Yeah, no one identifying as liberal understands oppression until it smacks them upside the head in a somewhat personal manner. Right. Glad we have gotten that sorted out.

  9. Albert Bakker says

    I don’t know what ‘yacub’ is trying to say actually. Is he (fairly sure of that) saying that these women and the male supporters, perhaps not for reasons of complete naivity to protect them, just got what they deserve if they also participated in the protests against Mubarak?

    If only liberals are mugged by reality, this is because only liberals respond to and are lead by reality in the first place. But this is just the worn out slogan of neoconservatism composed by a former Trotskyite. The only regret they have concerning the Arab Spring is that they didn’t get to carpet bomb Cairo. Otherwise Egypt might have been in a much better position to emulate the wonderful success stories as they happen in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia.

  10. says


    Yeah, that is also a plausible explanation. Mubarak and his toadies were a long far cry from pro-woman, after all. Despite the anti-revolution message from yaqub implying otherwise, that is.

  11. says

    Hi Ophelia;
    I follow your blog and really appreciate it. I won’t be deleting it like I have with about two thirds of the ones I read regularly. I just can’t absorb it all anymore. I don’t want to disengage entirely but I have to limit the information saturation for my on sanity. I am trying to write a blog just so I have a way to vent but I don’t know if I’m very good at it. I work at a university, a UNIVERSITY for crying out loud and I have to witness daily the slow creep of stupid in real time in the form of creationists, twenty year old males that act like they were brought up in the fifties, tables set up to tell me mohammed knew about Quantum Physics, colleagues that believe their prayers helped cure me of my cancer…aaarrrggg!
    Don’t get me wrong I am essentially an optimist but I am also your sensitive artist type, http://www.garayt.com/, and these stories always knock me down for a while.
    Anyway. thanks for what you do and I hope the twenty somethings are up to where all this is going, I’m not sure I am.
    I did get a good pick me up from that anti-bullying lip dub from Cypress Ranch High School in Texas.
    Thanks again, you’re a warrior.

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