1. andyo says

    Damn. Picture with Tim Minching, with Adam Savage photobombing. What else can you ask for?

  2. Suido says

    What else can you ask for?

    Oh, I dunno, less death threats?

    Sweet pic though, my only photo I’ve taken of Tim is horribly blurry.

  3. Ant Allan says

    Ah… if only I’d (a) remembered who was actually at the Reason Rally, and (b) known what Adam Savage looked like… (he and Pegg could be brothers, though!)

    ’Tis a great photo of Jessica and Tim anyways.


  4. beardedbeard says

    Notice how everyone in the picture carefully hides their deamon horns with long hair or hats.

  5. anubisprime says

    What can you say?

    That is humanity…that is the real truth…that is really what life is about!…what a wonderful photo….no god required!

  6. ttch says

    anubisprime wrote:

    what a wonderful photo….no god required!

    The inventor of photography, Nicéphore Niépce, “was educated for the Catholic Priesthood and for a period of time was an instructor at the seminary.”
    -bio, International Photography Hall of Fame



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